My Wife's small but growing LV collection,

  1. She just started a year ago! I think the next on the list is either the Trevi or another Speedy...

  2. Welcome to tPF!! :welcome:

    Your wife certainly has great taste... I think she needs to get the Trevi next and a Verone Suhali Lockit after that! :p
  3. we love enablers! :graucho:
  4. she got great collection pieces ! congrats !
  5. nice wife's collection buy her the trevi next she's LoVe it!...

    oh and welcome to the PF:flowers:
  6. thanks for sharing. definitely go for the Trevi :yes:
  7. Welcome to TPF!
    Love your wifes collection - I have to second John's suggestion of the Verone Suhali Lockit! Or maybe an accessory in Vernis - an agenda?
  8. Great Collection.
  9. Agree with John (he has great taste too) Trevi or Lockit :tup: Her collection is fab!!!!

  10. how sweet of you to post on behalf ur wife!

    i wish my bf as supportive as you:smile:
  11. Welcome to tPF!!! What a great collection your wife has ..... it's gorgeous!
  12. wow, nice collection! and welcome!
  13. Great choices! I love the Trevi but I think she should continue growing her speedy collection :p How about a red epi speedy? :nuts:
  14. How cool that you are interested in your wife's LVs and posting her collection! I wish my husband had any interest in LV, or purses at all :rolleyes:. Her collection is lovely (love esp the Black Epi bags!) and thank you so much for sharing it with us!
  15. Great taste!!! welcome to Tpf.