My wifes Handmade knitted Handbags :)

  1. My wife began to knit handbags, she loves doing it and hopes sell them in future. But I think soon we won't have any place to store them :smile: :smile: :smile:

    Here are some foto:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Do you think they are nice??
    Do you think my wife shall suceed to sell them???
  2. Very pretty! She should sell them on ebay!
  3. they are very nice. Maybe she should do a few feauture pieces and sell those :flowers:

  4. thanks for your opinion :smile:
    It's nice to hear such a fings :smile: :smile:
  5. They are very cute.
  6. The first one is very cute , I like that the best . A cute hat that matched it would be a plus too . She's a really good knitter ! I wish I could do that !
  7. How sweet - your wife is really talented - she should definately try selling on ebay:flowers:
  8. Very cute! I make bags as well (crochet). She might want to check out a few local stores and sell there as well as E-bay. :flowers:
  9. They are very cute! She's one talented lady. You are very lucky!
  10. :smile: :smile: :smile:
    I'm begining to feel lucky :smile: :smile:
  11. they are cute. your wife is quite talented.
  12. I think they are very cute. No pics of the inside but a lining would be a big plus with a bag of this sort.
  13. Тhanks for advice :smile: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: