My Wife's 1st GOYARD... Not an official reveal, but a reveal nonetheless

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  1. Such a beautiful bag! Could you please tell me how much the bag was? thank you!
  2. Of course Shabana75

    In Dec 2012.....

    The Goyard Marquises was $2250
    The 3 stripes with Mettalic. $310
    The Letters with Metallic. $310
    Goyard Logo in Metallic. $310

    My Sales Associate is Andrea at Goyard San Francisco

    Hope this helps and Happy Holidays.
  3. looks great!
  4. Thank you shc35
  5. Hi jbigelow,

    That's a beautiful monogramming job! One of the best I've seen.

    I was wondering how your wife is enjoying her bag? It's been over a year, have you noticed any chipping of the paint? Also would love to see more pictures of the bag. Can't get enough of it 😁
  6. Hi cg336,

    Her bag has withstood the test of time, but she doesn't bang her bag around and she takes care of it.

    I'll try to get pix later for you.
  7. ^:lol:
  8. I have always loved Goyard, but now I can't get enough. I think G can do no wrong IMHO, Great reveal, fantastic colour combo and style!
  9. John,

    Thank you so much for posting all the pictures in this thread!

    I have been corresponding with the store in Paris to have a distant purchase done. All the detailed questions I was being asked made me feel lost :smile:

    Luckily, I found your thread and it is for the exact same bag that I have been talking to them about!

    I love the customizations you have chosen - have you thought of making the middle strip 2 cm while leaving the bronze strips on either end at 1.5cm?

  10. That personalized Goyard looks great. This question is for the OP or anyone else that knows more detailed info about Goyard personalization. Does anyone know if Goyard SF does "custom" work? Me myself, I know a few people that have what seems to be custom images such as panda bears, and cartoon characters. I called earlier this week and emailed my image to which the SA told me they'd have to pass it on to the artist, it's been almost a week and I still have gotten a call or reply to my email. I even went as far as emailing the store in Paris to see if they can or would even be able to do it but have gotten no reply as well (granted I just emailed the Paris store a couple of days ago). At this point I'm starting to think that they're not able to do it.
  11. I sometimes had to wait two weeks before I got a reply, so you should give it some more days. Especially since it's a special request. Goyard has a pretty busy business, since they only have a couple of stores. :smile:
  12. You're right, I'll give it a few more days. I think it's me being so anxious to get it done. Lol
  13. Thank you PinkSuadeSoho...... The wife and I LOVE GOYARD!!!! :smile:

    You are very welcome BarMax.

    I posted here to help others in their quest for personalization of their own GOYARD. Glad I was able to assist somewhat or confirm any customizations on stripes.

    And to answer your question, Yes. I did consider all possibilities of stripe sizes/widths.

    Hi Goyardorgohome,

    All customization of GOYARDs from the SF boutique or any authorized US Department store boutiques have all their personalization orders sent to The SF GOYARD boutique...... Their artists are in the same building.

    There are however a few artists out there who also paint Goyards independently in the USA. I've heard of a painter back east and a painter in Los Angeles.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks for the reply OP. I actually already got my Mens wallet customized. It should be here today I hope! Can't wait! 😃
  15. Sorry for late reply Goyardorgohome......

    Been busy and haven't been on the purse forum.

    Congratulations and can't wait to see a reveal on your wallet :smile:
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