My Wife's 1st GOYARD... Not an official reveal, but a reveal nonetheless

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  1. Froggie: Thanx for the awesome compliment!!!!
  2. nice! love the customization. black with bronze looks great!
  3. So tasteful and gorgeous! And that note from the SA, cherry on top of lovely! :smile:
  4. Thx jlxaac..... The customization suits well for her and it came out perfect. Thx for taking the time to compliment.

    Andrea from GOYARD SF is a charm to work with. Her and her peers there are a great staff. If anyone here ever needs help from GOYARD SF, please give her a call and say hi from John with the customized Marquises.

    Thx for the beautiful comment and thx for sharing in our excitement :smile:
  5. What a wonderful, unique and thoughtful gift for your wife.
    thank you so much for sharing.
  6. Thank you so much for viewing, commenting and sharing in the excitement PenelopeB!!!!! :biggrin:
  7. Your wife is very lucky. It's beautiful!
  8. Thanx Shhmom for taking a peek and for the compliment. :smile:
  9. Such a sweet hubby! Love the monogram and great choice! :smile:
  10. glamoomoo - Sorry for the super late reply........... Thank you for the kind words
  11. Congrats to your wife for getting a gorgeous bag and a awesome husband like you!
  12. I am glad you're still visiting this thread. Your wife's bag is perfection! I love it! Do you mind PM me so I know the approx price for bag+monogram? TIA
  13. It's been awhile now, but thank you soooo mich for the kind words.

    She has been dear to me and has gotten me a goyard card case and a passport cover during the year now.

    I've been using them a lot, but I will post pix and a thread after I get them customized.
  14. Thank you for the awesome compliments. :smile:

    It has been a year now and I think goyard prices went up...... Even monogramming went up I think an extra $5-10.

    My wifes monogram was about $1000 for the stripes, goyard logo, and initials..... This is because the metallic paint is double that of regular paint....... If it were just standard mon metallic paint it would of been $500 for all three items.

    Hope this helps

  15. thanks!
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