My Wife's 1st GOYARD... Not an official reveal, but a reveal nonetheless

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  1. For Christmas 2012 I bought my wife 2 designer bags.... A Louis Vuitton Artsy Monogram and bag of her choice from Goyard.

    I am a big Goyard fan and have yet to get a replacement card case.

    Anyways, the Friday after Christmas 2012, we took a trip to GOYARD SF. We met with Andrea who I spoke with a few times prior on the phone and looked at 3 Designs: Vendome, Croissiere, Marquises. The Vendome was too much alike to her LV Alma, but we loved the packwood. The Croissiere was also too much alike her Gucci speedy bag. The Marquises was perfect because it was a different design than her prior bags, plus it looked like a cross between a Vendome and St. Louis.

    This was her first Goyard and I wanted it to be unique, so I monogrammed the bag with the help of Andrea. I had a great time with this since I love customizing my Porsche. :smile:

    Today, I received these pix from our SA at GOYARD SF.

    Please accompany us on our happiness on the outcome. :smile:

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  2. I LOVE it. Great colors and design, perfect choice.

    Ah do you need a 2nd wife? :biggrin:
  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!
  4. Thx for the compliment...... I wanted the Marquises to look classy for her, that's why I chose the colors for the stripes and Goyard symbol. Subtle, yet makes a statement.

    I was looking at old threads yesterday and saw u have a gorgeous navy blue Marquises also with the Goyard symbol... Great minds think alike and have a good pallet. ;)

    2nd wife?!?! Can u spoil me and be a suga mama like my wife? She's the breadwinner in the house.... I'm just a blue collar fireman. Haha
  5. Thanx Cathi.

    The bag turned out as expected.

    When I ordered the monogramming I initially had 2cm stripes, but called and changed it the next day to 1.5cm stripes since I thought the 2cmstripes would take away from the beauty of the Marquises bag. The 1.5cm stripes also made the bag look longer!!!!

    First pic is mock 2cm stripes and second pic is mock 1.5cm stripes.

    Goyard symbol was 7cm tall and 4cm wide

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  6. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Loved it, thanks for sharing!
  7. Thx for being part of our excitement Wilsom04!!!!!

    They shipped it out today and we will be receiving it tomorrow!!!!! :biggrin:
  8. You're wife is very lucky!!!
  9. And I am lucky to have her.

    Without her I wouldn't be who I am today. :smile:
  10. Bag shipped yesterday and arrived today.

    Here is the Official reveal I guess.

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! :smile:

    TY Andrea and staff @ GOYARD SF

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  11. WOW! this bag is one serious beauty!
  12. Love love love!!!!!!
  13. Wow!! It's a beauty! I LOVE the colour combo, it's perfect

    Hope she enjoys it!
  14. Dolali, Cathi, Slang: Thx for looking and participating in our excitement. You all are too kind with words.

    The only thing I didn't understand is why the metallic paint option was double the amount of regular paint ($155 for classic paint and $310 for metallic paint). Oh well, it came out perfect.

    Might be painting my black card case with classic paint instead of metallic paint. :smile:
  15. This looks lovely! You have a great taste and I am very impressed! Wish my hubby were as good at this! I just got a marquises in black with brown trim and am debating whether to get it decorated. Can I ask how much it cost to do the G with stripes and how much the initials cost? I might just stick with initials alone. Also, how did you decide which end of the bag to put the initials on? Thanks!
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