My whole family loves my new cabas!

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  1. My hubby, the man who doesn't notice when I change my hair style, actually commented on my bag today! Yes, I laughed at you poor women who had to smuggle your bags in! "Ha," I said,"DH wouldn't notice if I had a new bag everyday." Well the worm has turned!
    Tonight, as hubby and family inpatiently waited in the car to go out to dinner, I grabbed my new bronze baby cabas and off we went. As we were being seated in the restaurant, my husband said, "I love your new bag...a Chanel, right." As I looked at him stunned, my nine year old said, "Me too Mom, I love that." Then my little one chimed in, "I love the color!"
    I have to say that I really enjoyed carrying her as well. Very comfy, cool bag!;)
  2. Oh that's nice. My dh notices EVERYTHING. So it's really hard to smuggle anything by him! ;P I kid you not, he notices when I get a new pair of socks! LOL

    I'm glad you're enjoying your bag. I just got mine on Wed and haven't taken her out yet......kind of nervous! ;P
  3. thats very nice that your family noticed your new cabas.....
  4. Awwwwwwww that's so sweet : )

    Warms your heart, doesn't it?
  5. That's wonderful!!
  6. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. my DH also notices everything I buy....thing is he never really has positive comments on them coz he knows they are all very $$$$$.....
  8. my dh actually spoke to my nm sa today. i wasn't home. sa said "can you just tell her i called?" dh said "when is her bag coming!?!?" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Hi S, love your new screen name! Congrats on your new bag!
  10. ^^Thanks all! I forgot to mention that he also said,"So did that cost about $2000?" I looked agast and said, "OMGosh, NOT $2000!" and then thankfully he just dropped it!
  11. lol! That's funny! My dad never notices anything!
  12. Ha, your husband had you fooled. He had been noticing all of the time. My husband always notices too. He doesn't buy my "This bag? I've had it for months..." line anymore.
  13. Very cute story!
  14. Ahh, cute story - thanks for sharing.
  15. such an adorable are so lucky, loving supportive family, and TDF bag!
    my DH doesnt even notice when i get botox! :wtf: :roflmfao:
    but I love him with all my heart and soul ::big smile:

    one i love the most for living breathing entity -- DH

    one(s) I love the most for inanimate object - purses