My White Metallic Strap Gaucho

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  1. Hi girls! I went to Dior yesterday just to have a look at what they have and I was just in love with the new metallic strap gaucho. Sorry for the pics, i'm not a very good photographer and I don't think I gave the bag justice. It's a small gaucho, the white leather is stiffer than the normal ones probably to support the metal straps and it's s so sparkly :nuts: :yahoo:



    and oh I also bought the shoes :P. They're just lovely, they make my amphibianesque feet look like they're elegant and dainty. :heart:

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  2. HOLY COW!!!!!!!

    Im in LOVE with the bag and the shoes
  3. Thanks Jill.;)

    And oh i forgot to mention the metal bits can be a bit heavy and clunky than your normal strap. Definitely not an everyday bag but it's really pretty :wlae:
  4. i want the double saddle "watch strap" gaucho in white croc so bad.... but the price is enough to make me :crybaby:
  5. OH MY GOD!

    oh all your purchases are fantastic. i'm literally pawing my laptop screen because your gaucho & shoes are just to die for!
  6. :drool::drool::drool:

    Congrats on ur Faaaaaaaab Bah + shoes :drool: sooo gorgeous :love:

    Enjooooooooooy :heart:
  7. LOVELY! Congrats and enjoy them!
  8. Thanks Zerodross, Chloe and Discobunniee for the nice words :smile:

    Brian, I think I saw the croc one, I was looking and admiring it over then I asked the price, when she said it - I think my face went like this :wtf: :wtf: :s then she giggled and from her expression, I think that's the reaction she normally gets when she gives the price.

    And oh Zerodross, I saw the mink trotter romantique that you liked, it's smaller than I expected but it's very pretty. :heart:
  9. Both are lovely! Congrats!
  10. I cant stop myself from looking at this bag over and over!!LOL!
  11. Wow!!! That has got to be the most gorgeous bag/shoe duo i've EVER seen! Just Beautiful. I've been staring at the shoes for past 5 minutes now.

  12. OMG...WOW...LOVE the bag and the shoes...CONGRATS!!!!!!! Beautiful colour!!!
  13. Amazing purchases!!! I LOVE the fact that they're so different from all the other Gauchos!!!
  14. i agree with jill! i just keep coming back to this thread and looking at your gaucho. it's just drop dead gorgeous! now i'm highly considering of telling dior to forget about fixing my gaucho and just doing an exchange for the new gauchos! :graucho:

    :nuts: you saw the mink romantique! ah, i wish manchester would actually have one in store. i know there are two sizes (small & medium) for the romantique mink, but they're probably really small if they're anything like the new line of romantiques.
  15. I wasn't a big fan of the original Gaucho but this one is TDF and I love the shoes too!!