my white mahala is on its way back to Saks...

  1. the base was just too big and annoying for me but the bag was so pretty! if anyone is looking for one, it should pop back up on the Saks website sometime next week.

    the bag was on sale for around $1300.
  2. It looks like it's already there!
  3. I also returned a white Mahala to Saks for the reason of poor leather. Too bad that I can't keep it and I got it for another 10% off of sale price.:crybaby:
  4. i was really sad too because I signed up for a Saks card just to get that extra 10% I feel like I wasted my 10% off :tdown:
  5. I'm considering ordering the large white from FootCandy for $957. But the idea of 18" wide does seem a bit much, even for a big bag lover. Its 2 inches wider than the large horsebit hobo, I cant even picture it. :confused1:

    If I have the return option, I may order it. It certainly looks lovely.

  6. it is wide and if you're not a "big bag" person it doesn't work out too well.
    I hope you find a bag you totally love :smile:
  7. It does seem big but I've held/tried on one that was used and the bag does eventually "give".
  8. I found a pic of Liz Hurly with one


    Im trying to think of my biggest bag, the patent ramona is 16.5" I think?? ALL of my bags are big though. I think I can handle it. And Footcandy doesnt give refunds for sale items. The Gucci large horsebit hobo is 18.8, so I could compare it to that, since Ive never seen/tried on the white mahala IRL.