my white J12!

  1. Love, love, loving it!! It's so sporty and cute! :yahoo: Sorry for the horrible picture quality.. .these ancient cameras.. lol


  2. very pretty, congrats!
  3. wow! it looks GREAT on you! congrats!!

    -may I ask what size this is? I'm eagerly waiting to get mine in a few months :yes:
  4. *dies of jealousy*

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Is this the one you got on eBay for a steal? So it's authentic? That is just awesome. I could never buy one off eBay because of the horror stories my SA told me... You are super lucky!! Congrats!!
  5. I still wanna have this watch and regret last time I bought a Cartier Pasha instead.
  6. its the 38mm...

    x joie, yes this is the one! I normally have a little apprehension with buying things off eBay but this time I was confident because the seller seemed very honest and reputable, and there was a money back guarantee. Once I opened the package I could already tell it was authentic.. plus I took in into Chanel to size it so I'm in the clear. :smile:
  7. :huh:Oh very pretty.. cOngrats!
  8. Congrats!!!! love your gorgeous watch:drool::tup:
  9. Congrats!!! Both are very pretty & look good on ya.:tup::tup:
  10. nice!
  11. Congrats! i have the same one! Enjoy it - it's beautiful on you.
  12. WOWIE WOW WOW!!! congrats! don't feel bad about the camera, mine is on the fritz so all i have is a crappy camera phone....
  13. lovely! looks great on you:tup: congrats!:yahoo:
  14. wow!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Great choice! You'll love it so much! I loved mine so much I also bought a black one!