My White Gustto Torlia w/pics

  1. I rec'ed my bag yesterday from Active Endeavors and I absolutely love it. :heart: It is a true, bright white, not dingy or grey at all. The leather is really nice, soft, yet substantial. As others have mentioned, the lining is not great, but it is OK. Super comfortable to carry and holds alot. I used the sorry25 code and got 25% off - so it was a good deal as well. :yahoo:


  2. Congrats! Your bag is gorgeous! :yes: I like that it has those front zip pockets.
  3. Wow, it is stunning! If I didn't have a horrible relationship with drawstrings, I would totally copy you.
  4. What a gorgeous bag! Enjoy it...
  5. It looks gorgeous on you! Congrats!!!
  6. Oh...I absolutely love that bag! It is just the right size. I've been wanting one in blue but the white is gorgeous, too. You're a brave gal to wear a white bag...or alot neater than I am. Congratulations!
  7. I love it! congrats!
  8. bark, that is gorgeous, I've always been in love with drawstring bags, just love the shape, what a great bag for summer!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. It really does look great on you, congrats!
  10. Hi,
    I just bought a Gustto Baca Bag at Von Maur. I didn't get a discount. Was that code good for all bags?
  11. That is a stunning bag and it looks great on you! Congrats and thank you for the discount code. Time for me to go shopping! :p
  12. that's a really cute bag. congrats!
  13. Beautiful! Such a pretty bag for summer!
  14.'s beautiful although I am so afraid of white. I have the Blue Torlia that I have been wearing for about a week and I get so many compliments. It's a great bag regardless of the lining.

    I also used the code for a previous bag and got 25% off but when I tried with the Torlia, it expired so I used "grechen" for 20% off that is good for all bags.
  15. it looks awsome!! :smile: i am loving the torlia more and more!