My white gold ring kept turning copper

  1. Whatta crappy day...
    The white gold ring I had custom made would tarnish in just a few days and I had it dipped 3 times in 6 weeks, and I finally got sick of driving so far and putting up with it, I wanted a refund, and never wanted to go back there again.

    The jeweler was so ruid he was yelling at me infront of 3 customers and my mom was saying things to me, making me feel like I was overreacting, while the jeweler kept saying it's not his fault and that someone must have mixed something in the ring. He wasn't owning up to it- I mean he made the ring out of scratch so he KNOWS what it's made out of! He keeps saying he'll dip it again, or test the metal.:confused1:
    I said, look, I know white gold needs to be dipped maybe once every 6 months or a year maybe less. (I have white gold and it takes years before it turns) BUT I've come back THREE TIMES IN 6 WEEKS, and it's turned a copper color in about 6 days every single time.

    My mom was not supporive and kept giving me an angry look. I even said, we paid for a white gold ring and that's not what I got, so I want a refund. NO ONE was hearing me. My mom and the jeweler LITERALLY for some reason donot see that the entire top of the ring is a brassy copper color, and that dipping it again is only a temporary solution.

    Anyway, they finally decided to give me a refund after I was frustrated and my eyes were tearing up in frustration- I couldn't believe no one understood what I was trying to say. Then my mom says, you should keep it! Give them another chance. WTH????
    (SIGH)My mom for some reason likes this jeweler's work, and was blind to my situation. She was upset at me! OKAY fine, so I just agreed that they exchange the setting into a new one, so here I have another ring which I hope won't turn again.

    AUUghh..I just feel dissapointed specially when my mom was making comments like "she doesn't know how to talk, that's how she is." And the whole time she just for some reason was not getting it.
  2. I have owned yellow gold rings for like forever and never, not one, have turned coppery. The most that would happen is it would become dull from the grime and dirt, I would dip it for a few minutes in one of those liquid thingies from jewelry stores and voila, good as new!

    I think the jeweler put too much part alloy in the mix with gold? How many karat was the white gold ring supposed to be? Sorry about your Mom but I would have stood my ground if I was in your place. sorry to hear this...
  3. Some white golds have a better mix of white alloys,so when the rhodium wears off you can hardly notice it,if at all. You were sold a crap ring,you were absolutely in the right to take it back.The jeweller sounds paticularly unproffesional to let it escalate to that degree in his shop,its him that looks crap now,not you,you had a more than valid reason to go back and point this out.

    Had he been a little more 'brain engaged' at the time,he could have taken your comments on board,had the ring re-done in better quality w/gold and everyone would be happier with the outcome. It does happen every now and again,its just one of those things. As it stands now you are pissed off with him,your Mum and the whole situation and I bet he's lucky if he ever see's your face to buy anything from his store ever again!! And I bet it will now always taint your pleasure from wearing this ring. Such a shame.

    Your Mum should have stood by you in the fact you were having a problem, but whats done is done now,just don't take her with you again and in that way you won't fall out over it again. She maybe have reacted the way she did because she was embarrased herself if she's always liked this guys work, a situation arose that she did'nt know how to deal with and turned it on you unconciously!! Still does'nt make it easier tho!!!

    See how your new ring goes,if it starts to behave the same way,take it to another jeweller for their opinion and ask how they would rectify the problem and then if worst comes to worst you can explain to this guy exactly what you want done compared to what someone else would do to resolve it, and what is now acceptable to you,ie your money back. Hope this helps you out a bit?
  4. Everything you said, down to the fact about how I feel when I see/wear this ring is right on the money. The jeweler kept talking about how he had years of experience blah blah blah, which my mom responded by telling me to listen to him..Gimme a break, listen for what??? It would've been better if he apologized, owned up to it. Instead he said he didn't know why I was so upset. geez!!!! I was so frustrated I felt like I was in another world- I mean no one was getting it.

    My mom's that way- if she likes someone- that's all that matters. You have a point about her being embarrassed and then taking it out on me cause she didn't know how to deal with it..which actually made me think- that the jeweler maybe overreacted in defense, cause HE was embarrassed in front of 3 other customers and didn't know how to deal with..

    Gee- thanks so much, I feel like I just talked to a councelor.
  5. My pleasure sweetie,I was in the trade a long time and came across so many different situations,you just learn how to be proffesional. As for your ring,you are not in the wrong here at all. Stick by your guns,if it does it again,take it back. If it was an expensive bag with the zipper popping out and spoiling it you would take it straight back,of course you would,so would anyone else!!!! Don't let family attachment and guilt stop you from getting the correct treatment,after all he's now made it into a situation,not you so thats his fault,let him deal with feeling bad and guilty when he sees you!!! He could of easily steered it the other way and sorted it amicably,don't you take on any of his inadequacies!!!!
  6. As Chaz put it, you were in the right with your reaction. I would have been royally pissed if my new ring was already tarnishing and it's suppose to be white gold.

    I will say that I have the "fear of embarrassment" affliction. So I kind of understand where your mom is coming from. I usually am afraid to confront anyone with a disagreement. I am seeing a counselor about my plethora of mental issues, and this is one of them. So I do not think your mom was in the right; I agree she should have stood by your side in such a situation. But I also know how tough it would have been for me to confront a man I usually trust and like about such a poorly made ring.

    Take care, and I hope things turn out okay in the end.
  7. thank you dear
  8. Is it just this ring? because i know this sounds weird, but according to ancient chinese medicine doctors, some ppl will make their rings turn copper when they wear it because the ring sucks the bad "air" (this thing in chinese i dunno howto describe) out of their body and into the ring.
    Sounds weird i know, but some of my frds cant wear anything silver cus they have too much bad "air". Anyone else heard of this before?
  9. No, I've never heard of this "bad air" phenomenon before. Sounds distressing.

    But I know some people's chemical makeup are more acidic than others - as such the same perfume on one may smell differently on another.
  10. Yep,I've come across that,some peoples skin can turn silver black,or make the most expensive perfume smell like boiled cabbages!!