my white fendi!

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  1. can any of you girls recommend a great place to get my white fendi cleaned? would i need to take it directly to fendi? or do any of you know a great/cheap place in LA where i can get it cleaned? thanks!:sweatdrop:
  2. I know lovinmybags specializes in Balenciaga but I'm pretty sure she does Spy bags and Fendi as well. I think she does just about anything. You'd have to send the bag to her. Check out her site for more infor:

    I'm sure you could take it to a Fendi boutique, as long as you actually purchased the bag directly from Fendi. Otherwise if you bought it as a department store you could take it there. You're in LA so I'm sure there are plenty of great places you could take it, if you didnt buy it from Fendi or a Dep. Store. I cant recall the name but I think there's one on wilshire, or there used to be. It's been a while since I lived there so my memory is a bit vague.

    Another PFer told me about a place in NY, but I dont remember what it's called. Maybe she'll see this and chime in!

    Anyway, good luck!