My white east/west is damaged!!!

  1. Its the only white one in the system and it looks like its been used. When I brought it back to my office, I realized the corners looked very worn and there were VERY faint black smudges on the front. So I called Saks and they are picking it up from me and giving me my money back or exchanging it.... whatever I want. I am just so disappointed. To make matters worse, I bought a pair of louboutins (I am not usually a fan of his shoes on my feet - I LOVE THEM on other people's though). These louboutins are FABULOUS... the vamp is in the shape of a V and its high - so its like a mini bootie. Well, I went to Jimmy Choo after I bought them and tried them on for my SA b/c she LOVED them and they ripped. The black leather heel piece came right off. So I had to go back to Saks and return the damaged shoes - they let me keep my EGC for them b/c its a manufacturer's defect and if I replaced them, it would only happen again (so BEWARE ladies). So.... I bought a pair of Choos to make myself feel better!!

    On a positive note..... I was given an EGC today for the east/west & the bronze bowler that I bought last week b/c of how badly the NY Saks treated me. (remember... I called customer service) Well, the head of CS felt soo bad, that she gave me the ECG for both purchases, and is even letting me keep it even though I am bringing back the white east/west. I guess it doesn't hurt to complain when you are being mistreated. I think they were being so nice b/c I didn't get angry or upset, I politely told them that I was mistreated by an SA.

    So I guess I will credit my credit card b/c I didn't like any of their stock.. I am waiting for some new stuff to come in... so I'll buy then.
  2. Sorry to hear abotu your bad luck! I'm assuming it wasn't the white one hikaru_panda returned for a blue east-west caviar? (Maybe hers is still floating around?) That just irks me that Chanel or any boutique would try to sell it looking like that! *rawr*
  3. Aw, that's too bad. Maybe someone will return one and they can call you and let you know.
  4. That's awful that they sold you one in that kind of condition. When we buy new handbags from stores, they should be *NEW*. It irks me to have to ask for brand new, no scratches, no dirt, etc. That sort of thing should be obvious and stores shouldn't even think of selling anything at retail that is less than in perfect new condition. If it's damaged or used looking, it oughta be RTV(and avail for employees at discount), clearanced/discounted, or sent to the outlets.

    I'm glad to hear that they are letting you keep your EGCs, though.:smile:
  5. Glad to hear Saks is now responsive to your unfortunate will you be consoling yourself???
  6. Wow, you have a lot of shopping to do! :biggrin: It definitely pays (no pun intended :biggrin:) to speak up about poor customer service. You could work for Chanel, Japs, with all your knowledge about the bags.
  7. I'm glad I spoke up!! I hope they get some new bags in soon.... I now have 900 dollars in EGC cards to spend!!! YEAH!!
  8. ^ Holy Crap!!!
  9. Sorry to hear about what happened - I saw your reply under my new white caviar, and they are hard to find, but don't give up!

    On the plus side, you basically got $900 for free which is totally rocking!! :jammin: That will be one fun day when new stock comes in!
  10. Wowzers!!! 900 in EGCs?!? That's sooo awesome!!!! Can't wait to see what you get with it! :nuts: :yahoo: :wlae:
  11. OMG with that amont of money you can really enjoy yourself and let rip when the new styles come in!
    I wish I had luck like that - it seems really bad then it completely revesres and you get really good luck. All I ever seem to get is bad luck.

    Off the subject, I've got exam results nxt Thursday and I'm beginning to freak out - hope I don't get any bad luck then!!