My white Diamond stitch tote is here

  1. I am scared to open I know i am nuts:nuts: . I have been excited about this bag for one week .I am scared that it wont live up to my expectations. lol haha I will open it soon
  2. i totally have been there. can't wait to see pics.
  3. Take a deeep breath, and open it up! You can do it!!!
  4. picture it perfect! yipee CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo:
  5. I like it .Its kind of small and boxy I am used to bigger bags. Also it is structured and I am so not used to that . I think I may need the larger one. Its so boxy . It makes me feel fat lol. I need to look into the larger size . im unsure
  6. pics? =)
  7. White diamond stitch? Let me see it!
  8. Would love to see pics :smile: I bet it's beautiful!
    but if you're not too happy with it then you should exchange it for something you like more ;)
  9. Sorry but does diamond stitch have diamonds on it?:shame:
  10. congrats! I'm sure it's gorgeous. ^no actual diamonds, the pattern of the stitches look like diamonds.
  11. aww the white DS tote is gorgeouuuuus! post pics of you carrying it! im sure u'll get ALL of us telling u it DOES NOT make u look fat! =)
  12. Pics pics!
  13. Uh!!! You're teasing us!! Post pics post pics!! Congrats..are you excited..does it live up to your expectations?!?!?
  14. No emmy it doesnt:sad: . Im very sad. I am not thinking about the exbandable bag , but dont know which one. tote or flap. This bag looks like a camera case on me . I am going to try it out with some different looks and if I still dont like iT BACK IT GOES
  15. I love my Small DS tote! Like you said it is smaller than the bags I usually carry, but I love the boxy look and the ruthenium hardware. My favorite part -- the VERY LARGE CC LOGO!!!!:wlae: I know I am a logo freak!
    Please show us pics---