My white city is here...

  1. ..and isnt what I had expected it to be... ET - I did my best with the pics but don't think I captured the grayish white color I was referring to.
    White city 1.JPG white city 3.JPG white city 2.JPG
  2. Uh, oh, tod. Your post doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement. Are you disappointed? I think the bag looks lovely, btw.
  3. I think part of the problem is I had expected it to be either a creamy white or a snow white - which it isnt... plus I didnt get that so called "high" when I took it out. It does photograph well though I have to say.
  4. Tod, is it as bright as it looks in the photos? Any creaminess to the white, other than the grey undertone? I like it, but it seems very white-white from the photos. Love your garden, by the way!
  5. Angst - since you seem to know a lot about b bags (and i'm such a novice(!) would you say their white is really a grayish white or is it just this particular one I got? It almost looks like it has a dark cloud hanging over it. Is this how it's supposed to look?
  6. The leather looks nice, is it in person? A cloudy white, hmm...I am going to see if Ateliernaff has any white swatches up.
  7. Nope, definitely not bright white-white. The pics didnt capture the color right.. it looks like a gray-white to me. By creaminess you mean like your blanc right? Definitely not creamy like that...yours is a gorgeous creamy white...thanks, the trees are screaming spring but the weather here is stretching winter(!)
  8. What website do you order Balenciaga off of?
  9. tod, I have to admit that I have never looked at the white b-bags very closely. They would never have a fighting chance against the dirt and grime of NYC, so I have stayed away from them. From what I have seen of them though, I never really noticed a gray tinge. To my eye this season's bags are a pure white: bright and stark. I honestly think it looks too delicate and the color does not seem like it would withstand wear and tear terribly well. There are a lot of fans of white b-bags on here, but I am not one of them.
  10. Gosh I just realized my son's thumb is in the picture too lol. Can you tell he's a nail biter?:nuts:
  11. This is from my SA at NM but was a phone order since they didnt have it in the store.
  12. Did you buy this from Balenciaga boutique in NYC??
  13. Ateliernaff doesn't have any pics of white other than calcaire, but I did send an e-mail to ask. Did you have to pay tax on the bag? That's my one advantage in stores = no tax when I order. LOL.
  14. OMG I know what you mean. One look at the whipstitching on the handles and i'm like, I give this a week max to hold up and stay clean...also, I was expecting it to be a bright white but this one definitely isnt...maybe this was taken out for a spin in NYC which explains the gray tint lol!
  15. ET - yes, had to pay tax since my SA is from NM here in SFO. If you like, you can order through her too that way you don't have to pay the tax. She gave a break on the shipping, though and didnt charge me.