my white city is here..!! but.. i am.. well.. HELP :'(

  1. yes she is here!! Finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly!!
    but as much as i am happy! as much as i am sad :crybaby: silly me and my complicated taste! :crybaby:

    Girlz the white color is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the city size is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the problem is.. the leather in the front looks sooooooooo smooth.. waaaaaaaaaay too smooooth for me.. its like sooooooooo clear no cracks no wrinkels at alll.. look at pic below :sad:

    while the leather in back.. looks sooooooooo yummy with some wrinkels? what do u call them.. mmmm.. cracks? i dont know.. its just diefferent! and soooooooooo beautiful suiting my taste!! look at pic below:love:


    powderpuff100 dear your beatiful leather in front looks like my leather in back of bag! yours is s:huh::huh:o gorgeos :love: and i really like that crack affect on the leather. (i dont know whats it called.. ? is this the distress effect? )

    girlz please help me!! should i make piece with myself and love her? girlz i swear if the leather in the back didnt look that beautiful i wouldnt have noticed nor complained!
    and i dont want to return her at all!! i just wounder if Aloha Rag would agree happily to exchange for me same style same color but different leather.

    what do u say girlz? :crybaby:pretty pretty please advise me.. i count on your openions!! girlz i was s:huh::huh: looking forward to this b bag and how much i'll love her like crazy. i do i really do. but the leather thing is just tricky : (
    1.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  2. I prefer the veiny look also. I plan on getting a White City too, but I would want want more veiny - JMO :yes:

    is this one from AlohaRag? did you specify what you wanted??
  3. Oh Vanilla, so sorry you're not excited. I personally love your bag. I prefer the smoother leather :love: . I think it's beautiful. To me, it's a perfect bag.

    Maybe give it a day or so to get used to her. And if you don't fall in love, you can always return it to AR.
  4. Oh my gosh, I think it is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! That bag is YOWZA gorgeous. I think you should keep it, but I'm not the one carrying it. So, if you are not happy with it then by all means return it for one you will be more pleased with.
  5. I prefer it smooth too... But if you really feel this Bbag isn't "your" B, exchange it for something else. You should be happy with it, simple as that.

    p.s. Reading this thread made me inspect my bags and the leather on my bags ain't uniform either. I just never noticed. LoL I consider the little inconsistencies part of the charm of Bbags.
  6. :yes: Me too!

    I don't mind a mildly veiny one but I much prefer the smooth leather, as long as it's a bit wrinkly too... but that will come with time.
  7. awww sweeties thank u for ur support.:love: i didnt know what leather i was looking for frankly.. so i didnt describe it right i am afraid.. i never ever held a b bag IRL before. So thats new to me!! i dont mind at all the leather variying from front to back.. its just that i wish the front's leather was as gorgeos as the back! <i know many here prefer the smooth look.. but i didnt know what i loved till i got my first b bag! (this one!)>

    have any of u dealt with exchange from Aloha Rag?? i dont have a good reason!! no defect at all!! i just want the leather i love! so.. do u think its okay to ask them about it?
  8. Lots of people actually prefer the smooth leather. If you return to AR simply because it is not veiny enough, they will most likely charge you a re-stocking fee plus you have to pay for the postage yourself. I don't really think it is worth while.
  9. OMG Vanilla, my bag was the same way! I got a black city and the front is completely smooth while the back is distressed (wrinkly and cracked) and soft. I also contemplated exchanging it, but then decided not to. Now I love her just the way she is - I figure, the front will be for show, and the back will be for feel. Good luck on your decision!
  10. it's beautiful, but if you're not happy with it then call them to see what they have in's not a cheap bag!
  11. I like the smooth leather better than the veiny, crackled. I like your a lot! I would keep it.
  12. I think that bag is beautiful. :yahoo: Also as you carry it it probably will get more distressed and wrinkly. The leather is so thick and smooshy on these whites that it makes them appear smoother, at least that is my opinion. I carried my white a couple of times and it got more creases. BUT if you are not happy with it, call Jumpei, explain your issues and ask him to find another more evenly matched. Most people ask for smooth leather so he probably thought he was doing a great job in choosing a good one. :yes:
  13. hey v, send your bag back if you are not happy, these bags are too expensive to be unsure. i personally dont like smooth leather, but prefer leather with texture, natural distressing and smooooooooooooshyness. good luck and dont give up until you are happy.:heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. i adooooooooooooooooooore it + leather variety is goorgeous

    keep it DmDooooooooM .. or im charging ur CC next time i purchase my croc work/office ;P
  15. thanks dear for your advice :love: can i ask you after u looked at my pics here of the front.. do u find it different than yours? doesnt yours look a bit cracky (Which i am all mad about!! :love: ) while mine is extra smooth..? i observed that ur beautiful leather specially in the photos u made in natural light..
    or am i just seeing things!! ???