My white City is almost here!! Just a couple more hours. UPS where are you!!

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  1. Oh, the anticipation:wacko: Its been a week since my beautiful white City was ordered. I couldnt wait any longer, so I called Balenciaga NY this morning and the SA said it will be in my clutches TODAY:nuts: !! I am also picking up a small addition tomorrow morning:shame: to go with it. That part you'll just have to wait and see :biggrin: Your gonna'........ want one:P
  2. I am so excited for you! I'll have to live vicariously through you :amuse: What is your addition, ranskimmie?! Please tell :shame: :love:
  3. AAHHH...... Cant tell, just another new (SMALL) obsession, I absolutely have to have. It will go perfectly with my new B-bag, and every bag in my collection. #2 And dosent even have to be used with a purse. Can you guess?;)

    Clue #1 small
  4. White MC WAPITY?! :love: I'm guessing that since it's white and can be used on its own as a clutch. Is that the $50,000 answer? :P
  5. Is it...a white Balenciaga makeup clutch???
  6. Any one else???
  7. Did you get your bag yet??
  8. Very patiently waitng, still:wacko:
    Oh man, a Fed X truck, just delivered to my neighbor,:evil: damn!
  9. Oh Pooh Cristina, your too good. How did you get it that fast?! Oh well, I cant wait to go get that too, Im gonna use it as a small makeup bag :smile:
  10. Heh, maybe because I want a white MC wapity, too? :P Lucky girl! I was thinking of using it as a travel makeup case/clutch for when I'm running errands. No money right now, though :sad:
  11. Post pics! So excited for you!
  12. My freakin' tax return is spent already and I havent even gotten it yet:Push: . Atleast no CC bills, well, o.k., maybe a small one that the "return" will also be covering:shame: Dont you think the wapity is the cutes though? Im trying to justify this purchase:blink:
  13. I cant wait to see the ink:love: Do ya have it yet?:biggrin:
  14. Oh, the white city is gorgeous IRL! I hope you love it! Can't wait to see your photos!
  15. ranskimmie

    has your white city arrived yet????? 0o0o0o this is SO exciting!!! this is so bad... i'm SO tempted to ring up NY and get a white or magenta FIRST!!! maybe i should toss a coin? or i'll find my 8 ball...

    be sure to post up pics!!! weee heee another b-bag has found another home!!!