My White Chiffon Stam arrived!

  1. Yay! I was getting a little nervous. I purchased the
    White Chiffon Stam at Saks in NYC while I was visiting last week. It was the only WC Stam they had (I was told that by a few of the sales associates). I had it shipped to my house, because no sales tax and I didn't have to pack it. Well, I went back to Saks a few days later to buy another bag and the salesperson that helped me didn't recognize me at first, but then she said, "Oh right, I remember. You bought the ivory patchwork stam." Yikes! I have been so worried that they sent the patchwork stam instead of the white chiffon. I knew if that had happened, there was no way I was ever going to get the one I wanted. It would have been long gone. arrived yesterday and it is the correct bag. I love it even more than I did when I first saw it. I am really happy that I purchased this color. It is very different, but very wearable and neutral. It almost reminds me of a light custard color.

    I also bought a Bulga bag that I really love. It was on sale and is really versatile. I have never owned a Bulga, but I can see myself wanting more of these bags. Very high quality of leather and a great every day bag.

    I was bad and bought a black Stam, too. It hasn't arrived yet. I wish I could have bought every bag I liked. It really is fun to go to a large store that carries so many of the styles that are available.

    I will post pics later today or tomorrow.
  2. Congrats! please post pics for us to drool over! :flowers:
  3. Beautiful bags! I love the military Hudson. I was looking at those Bulgas too, in particular the smaller one. The leather was so soft and smooshy! Congrats on all your beautiful bags!
  4. ahhh... that's my dream bag... it's beautiful, congrats:tup:
  5. Thanks so much, everyone. I have to go back and add descriptions to the pics. I have had to shuttle kids all morning and I haven't had time to sit down and finish the photos. After I pick up the last child from Summer school, I will have some time.

    The Bulga bag was a very good price at the Saks sale. It was down to $333.00 from $765.00. They had a coral color, too. It was really pretty, but not as practical.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. OMG...your pics are making me fall in love with MJ again!!! LOVE your white chiffon stam...and what is the colour of your other stam? Is that bronze or are my eyes playing tricks on me?! :heart: :heart:
  8. love your stam! its gorgeous!!
  9. congratulations! love your WHITE CHIFFON stam... what is color of the stitching?

    love your other MJ bags too, esp. the metallic stam :love:
  10. The other Stam is bronze. I love it, but I don't use it as much as I should. I am kind of worried about the bronze rubbing off if I use it too much. I have another Stam coming any, which is probably the smartest purchase of all the Stams. I just love the others so much and I know I will use them, they are just a bit more delicate. The black will get a lot more use.

    The stitching on the White Chiffon Stam is just a bit darker than the actual bag. It is not really dark, but when it is against the bag, it makes it look like a light taupe. It will be very interesting to see how clean I can keep this bag. I am not known for being extremely careful with light colors, but I am really going to try with this one. I am definitely going to research stain protection for this one.

    I am falling back in love with MJ bags, too. Lately, there haven't been too many I am crazy about, unless you count the Sweet Punk line, but they are pretty pricey. I would love a Cashew Stam Hobo and the Patchwork Venetia is growing on me.