My White '06 Day is Practically Beige

  1. I got my bag during the summer and have worn it none stop. It is so dirty now though and I don't know what to use to make it white again. Any suggestions?
  2. Try cleaning it with Apple cleaner, then use Apple conditioner. After 3 coats of that, spray the bag 2 times with Apple Guard. Repeat the Apple Guard once a month, paying extra attention to the handles and corners. I spay all of my light colored bags with Apple Guard before I ever use them. Don't use Coach leather products on Balenciaga. It turns them yellow. It almost ruined my MJ white Frankie. I used the Apple cleaner and it's almost good as new except for a tiny ink mark on the front that I used nail plolish remove on. NO ACETONE, trust me, it also removes the color of the bag down to bare leather.:shocked:
  3. REALLY? :shocked: Oh no... I used to use it on my pale rose city. I used like a whole bottle of Coach conditioner on it!
  4. Well it almost runined my white Frankie and Frankie was only made for one season I think. It's one of my favorite bags ever. So simple and so soft and slouchy. I have it in camel too.
    The Coach conditioner turned it yellow and left a waxy coating on it that yellowed it. Maybe it was because it was white. I used the Apple cleaner and it took off the waxy, yellowed coating left by the Coach conditioner.
  5. I would not suggest the Apple cleaner because it's much to aggressive for the delicate goat leather. I used LMB cleaner and it's pretty good but I think that if it's really dirty the best option will be to send it in for professional cleaning at artbag or LMB. It's not hugely expensive and you can be sure that the leather doesn't get ruined.