my whiskey pocket is here!!!

  1. woohooo! my pocket finally arrived and you girls are right...the whiskey is such a gorgeous color!!! i love it...its so rich :love: :love: :love:

    posted some pics above but i dont think they do the color justice...i tried it with the flash on and off and it just doesnt get the real color

    something about the bag that bothered me tho was how wrinkly it was (see pic of back) i love how soft the leather is but i felt like someone sat on my bag or something lol

    can chloe owners please let me know if thats just normal and its suppose to be wrinkley like that? makes me feel like i have a bbag or something lol!

    but other than that - i love it!!

    sorry about my crappy pictures!! ill take better ones later...i have a headache right now!

    whiskey 2.JPG

    whiskey back.JPG
  2. What a gorgeous bag!!! I am so happy you like the color...I know you were worried! Yes, it is supposed to be wrinkly like that. Isn't it fabulous? When I took the stuffing (paper) out of my blanc, it just collapsed into a puddle. Let us know when you carry her for the first time! And take a pic! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats! So glad you like the color after such a long deliberation and all your worries. It looks fabulous. Yes, the wrinkles are uniquely normal - if that makes sense - not a defect at all, and gives the bag character. The wrinkliest parts tend to smooth out a bit after you use it...
  4. Congrats! Great color!
  5. That's very nice! Wear her well!
  6. thanks so much guys! i love her...shes so squishy and soft lol

    blugenie - is it true that the wrinkled parts smooth out? cuz i looked around for pictures of other paddys and mine looks the wrinkliest of all :worried: !!!
  7. pretty bag!!! congrats!
  8. The wrinkles are a statement of a true Paddington! The leather on yours looks spot on - don't get another for comparison! I personally feel the smoother ones could pass for fakes in some cases. Your bag could never be mistaken for one so enjoy it!! :biggrin:
  9. Beautiful bag and great color! Thanks for the pictures! Enjoy the bag!
  10. The wrinkles MAKE the bag! I agree with Roey (again!)...this one is a keeper! Looking forward to more pics!
  11. thanks guys ill def. post more pics when i take her out! so glad to finally become part of the chloe family!!
  12. Jacquelinez, what do you think of the color now? Is it orange at all? Or just a rich golden brown? It looks lovely in your pics! I have not seen the whiskey Paddy, but I have the whiskey Edith (which I know is darker and more red)...your whiskey looks divine!
  13. It's gorgeous, Jacqueline! I am so envious!!!! I wish I could have one of every Chloe! :love: :love: :love:
  14. thanks guys! i love it...even my bf said it was cute...and hes usually has very bad taste lol

    ET - i think the color is definitely more towards the kinda of reminds me of the LV color, the handles part when it starts getting more vintage...but a lil brighter. i dunno if that helps more. but the color is definitely cute and it matches with so much stuff. i wear pretty neutral colors and too much black sometimes so this bag will definitely fit my outfits and add some color. if you're thinking about getting a paddy in whiskey you definitely should!!! oh yes and i like you said about the leather, its so soft...i love it! :love: :love: :love:
  15. Congrats on your new bag!