My Whiskey Paddy has arrived!!!

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  1. I've been wanting the Whiskey Paddington and looking everywhere here and NAP & LVR for it but to no avail so resorted to eBay. Well, very happy to report, she arrived yesterday!!! The seller, Tedstar, was as lovely as can be and put up with all my questions and requests with grace and patience, lol!:biggrin:

    I am so in love with the whiskey colour! I had been debating whether to get tan or whiskey and I'm glad to have chosen whiskey:love: . All you gals who helped me in my decision, give yourselves a pat on the back! Thankyou! Love you all!!!:amuse: :amuse: Wanted so much to post yesterday about this but thought I'd better take some pics 1st:idea: !

    Here are a couple of pics. Sorry about the lousy attempt at watermarking. This is a new PC and the only photo-editing program that's in it is Paintshop, ack! Hope to get the newest Photoshop soon.
  2. yay it was a good paddy day! My anthracite from ebay also arrived today.
  3. YAY! It's beautiful, I have the same bag and I love it :love: The whiskey is my favorite paddy color.

    Enjoy! :nuts:
  4. Lovely bag! Good choice! Enjoy her!
  5. Very nice. I'll always have a crush on the Whiskey Paddy.:love:
  6. What a beautiful color! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. beautiful bag - enjoy. :biggrin:
  8. Gorgeous!!!:love: Congratulations and enjoy your new Paddy!:biggrin:
  9. Woohoo!!!
  10. Nice!!!:nuts:
  11. i love the whiskey, if i didn't aleady have two paddingtons i would add that one. but three is too many!
  12. Very nice :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful. I have one and absolutely love that color! Congrats
  14. Aww.. thanks guys:love: !!! I took a whole lot of pics of her, different angles and what not, and can't stop looking at those pics on my pc, lol:biggrin: !

    The lock doesn't bother me awfully but ya know what? The dangley key does! Whenever I sit her down on a surface, it clunks, and I just cringe:Push:. Worried I'm gonna damage the finish on it. Does anyone feel the same way bout the key? Do you just remove it altogether? Or is the Paddy not quite the same without the key dangling there?
  15. I know what you mean about the key dangling and clunking on the surface of a table, etc. I just tucked it into the outer pocket..;)