My whiskey edith has a sister....need to talk!

  1. Ok so I was/am sooooo inlove with my whiskey edith I decided to get her a sister in black with the shoulder strap. So here they are side by side......

    But the thing is, the black is not as smushy and grainy as the whiskey. Its a little stiffer to the touch but still very pretty to look at.

    Last night I had no doubt about her but today I don't know!

    I don't work right now, I am a stay at home mom but might be taking courses in the fall, so I was thinking of using them for that.

    The whiskey is easier to use with just jeans even if I am out shopping but the black I find a little more suitcasey looking! The black will look a lot better with more clothes on in the fall winter.....I love the fact that the black is not a very dark black and is made more casual with the creme stitching.

    Please flood me with your thoughts......
    DSC01761.JPG DSC01763.JPG DSC01766.JPG DSC01767.JPG
  2. The black edith is v nice, but my preference still goes to the whiskey rich colour...but they are both beautiful goes with everything and is a classic colour :tender:
  3. I actually really like it. I think it will be perfect for taking classes in the fall and it will look great in the winter. The leather will prob soften a bit too. Whiskey and black look so cute together!
  4. I think I am having a harder time accepting her because I am in summer mode (its 40 degrees celcuis with the humidity) with very little clothes on. But when winter comes I will be wearing a LOT more clothes when its -20 degrees celcuis.....Talk about extreme weather for us....
  5. I think she's gorgeous mona, you should keep her!!! Once winter rolls around you will be glad you did! Not mention I'm sure she will become smooshy after a few wears!
  6. I think you'll really love her in the winter... I was imagining it with a soft cream colored sweater, dark wash jeans and black boots... I love that contrast stitching!
  7. Hey there....remember me!?! I kept mine and carry her all the time=) I think you should keep it:tup:
  8. Ali...Do they soften? It doesn't seem like the black will

    Rinstar311....I love the outfit you just imagined...I will have to try it on tomorrow!

    Missjenny2679....Do you carry yours more messenger style or on the crook of your arm or both? and is yours grainy/smooshy or smooth leather?
  9. I have the Edith in whiskey as well and I think it is an amazing bag. I like the black too but I am personally not so sure about having the same bag in different colors. Then again, they are both amazing bags and they are technically not the same since one is a messenger bag.
  10. I have the opposite, I have a whiskey Edith that is somewhat stiff, but is softening with time, and a newer black Edith that is super smooshy. I've noticed the more I use the Whiskey, the softer it becomes.
  11. Ok good to know because I only have two weeks to return so I wanted to be sure they do soften! Thanks!!
  12. Mona your black edith looks great, and you are wearing it well, keep her!:graucho:
  13. Yeah, they do soften after awhile:yes: my whiskey is softer than it was when I first purchased it!
  14. I think they both look great. I have a black and a whiskey too!:dothewave:
  15. They are both beautiful bags. I say keep both of them if you can!