My Welcome To The World Of Chanel Handbags...


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Nov 25, 2008
so i have been on alot of the sub-forums - Balenciaga, Prada, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, LV etc and also my HG, Hermes.

i keep lurking in and out of Chanel but just not committing.

i had read all the reference threads, and knew exactly what i wanted.

i had been searching, both the boutiques (did not see what i was after) and all pre-loved avenues (did not pull the trigger a few times as i wanted my 1st to be special)

so i'm on holiday in FL for thanksgiving, and was browsing NM, and there was it.....

my 1st Chanel, right colour but in the wrong size

i was still a bit reluctant as i had just got my Birkin in feb and a MM bow soon after.

i came on the forum and after reading about the impending price hike i decided to bite the bullet.

just my luck, going through the threads, i came across a post about stock availability with Christina from NM, Troy and i called her immediately. It was in stock.

i still took a few days to mull it over and by the time Christina called to remind me, i was ready.

Better still was the fact that as my billing address (london) was different from my delivery address (FL) i was able to get it tax free...yaaay!!! i had to ship next

day as i was leaving the day after, but true to her word, Christina made sure it got there ok.

now on to uploading and watermarking the pics


Apr 19, 2008
So exciting! A live reveal!!!

Welcome to the Chanel family :smile: trust me, it wont be ur last!!!


Jun 13, 2007
ahhh can't wait to see it. i also placed an order of some bags n CJs w Christina few days ago.