My welcome back to Louis Reveal

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  1. I had some LVs awhile ago and took a break to explore other brands. I'm visiting Oahu and decided to take advantage of the discount their stores have over my home state plus more than half off sales tax rate! I splurged and bought two bags and a wallet when I intended on only one bag and no wallets!

    Who wants to see?
  2. I went to look for these two and the Neverfull in DA with rose interior. I knew it was a long shot

  3. Let's see!!!
  4. Here! :snack::popcorn:
  5. #5 Mar 24, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
    Look what I found! They had one Calvi left but no Mews on the island. I debated on getting Calvi or Neverfull in DA. What would you do? What do you think I did?
  6. :yahoo:
  7. Oh the first main reason to go to LV was for these. Vachetta has my initials on back
  8. I hope you got the Calvi! It's such a beautiful bag!
  9. While debating on bags I also debated wallets for a bit and picked this beauty


  10. I almost walked away from it but at the last minute changed my mind because it was the only one and someone else was wanting it (on list) if I didn't get it so I wouldn't be able to come back for it later today or tomorrow!

  11. I really wanted something made in France or Spain at least so walked away from DA Neverfull with rose interior as all on Oahu are US. Finding Calvi was the icing and she is from Spain.

    I still wanted a Neverfull with rose so looked to (made in France like my wallet)


  12. Calvi >>>>>> NF

    Great choice! I love the structure and doesn't it have a middle zipped pocket for modesty of items you want to tuck away? Awesome :loveeyes:
  13. Gorgeous items!! Congrats!! Is that your only LV wallet? It's the Emilie right?
  14. Great items! I LVoe the luggage tags too!!

  15. Yes it's my only wallet and when I had LV before I never had a wallet, only bags and pochette and mini pochette.

    I got a pre loved mini pochette last week. Debating on keeping the one that came with NF as I prefer the actual pochette over this thin thing lol