my weird experience in the Chanel store

  1. I'm sure some of you wondered why I put a Chanel store experience in the Hermes thread...well hold on to your Kellys and Birkins!

    I went to the Chanel store at Tysons Galleria in McLean, VA. I was carrying my Kelly bag and just kind of browsing. I noticed that two of the workers in there were standing off to the side, staring at me and my bag. As I got closer to them, the male SA said in a loud voice "IMPOSTER." I stopped, stunned, in shock. He nudged his female SA counterpart and laughed. I walked on by and when I turned to go look at the jewelry counter again, he yelled it out again, looking directly at my bag. I was so utterly disgusted at that point that I could only leave the store. To think he really had the nerve to decide that my bag was fake was just too much. :weird:

    On a good note, I went to the Hermes store in Fairfax Square and met Priscilla and Keth who are both absolutely wonderful.
  2. Unbelievable. You're very nice. I would have jumped in his face for sure and asked him to explain his little comment. And then point out that he should not be working in high end retail because he's obviously clueless. Jerk.
  3. Oh wow!!!That's more than weird!!!:weird: That's horrible and rude!!:mad: :mad: I understand how you must've been too kind!!:evil: They're not supposed to be there to PLAY the fake/authentic game with their customers bags!!:sick:
  4. Disgusting! What a nerve for them to say something rude like that to customers (even if you're not buying, they still have to treat you with respect as you are potential customer). I can guarantee, that if you were going to buy a thing or 2 at Chanel, you would refrained yourself from doing that after what happened.

    So sorry to hear this nathans.. Those 2 SAs really need manner101
  5. Oh my god!!!! Are you serious??? The nerve of the SA to say something like that and to a customer???
  6. If I was in a really bad mood or PMSing, I would have confronted them. They're lucky I wasn't there to say something back.
  7. I agree! What an as@ho#e! Sorry you went through that, but glad your experience at Hermes was pleasant!
  8. I would have demanded to see the manager immediately. I also would follow with a written letter to the manager and anyone above him/her. Poor customer service is something that I will not stand for. Letters work much better than phone calls, emails, etc.
    Even if it was fake (which it wasn't): how dare he say something like that.
    I also would alert the manager that he needed to provide better training to his store personnel -- obviously they don't know the difference between a fake and a real bag. IMO, they aren't qualified to work in that store.
  9. You can call and find out who was working that day. I'm sure there weren't too many male SA's. I would definitely write a letter and mention his name specifically-along with the date and time you were there. This is a terrible way to treat a customer. I would hope he gets reprimanded or written up for this.
  10. Unbelievable......the rudeness in society just amazes me - I think I would have had to make a small scene!
  11. That is horrible. He needs to be fired or at least severely reprimanded. The nerve of some people. You should definitely call or write to the manager and make a complaint.
  12. Please do call and speak to the manager. Believe me its better to just do that and get it out of your system. I would be really, really upset if I spent that much on a bag and a clerk at the store claimed that it was fake.
  13. A letter directed to the Manager of the store should be written immediately. Rudeness should NEVER be acceptible behaviour by someone in the service industry....and sales staff are there to serve the customer and be the "face" of the company they work for. I'm sure the manager will be horrified!
  14. Their behavior is unacceptable. Write to or call the manager immediately. I am sure you will get a large apology from the manager.
  15. Agree.

    What a horrible experience. You must make the manager aware of this atrocious behavior. :mad: