My Weird but Good Experience with Kooba

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  1. It's like something out of the Twilight Zone.

    I've been obsessing over the smooth, black Sienna that got away, (they are no longer posted on the Kooba website) so placed a call to their online customer service & asked (left message) if they had any left or if they would be getting them in again.

    I called twice & was beginning to get irate because they have never returned my calls in the past, but this time they call back: there was a message on my machine from a cs rep & she said "no, they don't have any Sienna's in any color, and no, they are not getting any more in." So I'm crushed, the only black Sienna's to be found are fakes on crazy websites!

    Well get this!

    I went online last night (11:30 pm) plugged in the usual "Kooba black Sienna"...and Google's first hit takes me to a pic of the lovely elusive darling and an "in stock" claim & buy button, so I bought that baby!

    This morning they sent me a link showing the order was placed, bag picked, packed & shipped, so she is on her way...:yahoo:

    Now I'm going to have to sell some of my more recent purchases to fund this beauty, but I was not gonna let the last Sienna get by me, even at full price!
  2. Oh Gosh Rose, you had to pay full price? I guess they had a return or they just do it to yank your chain. I notice when a bag on Bluefly sells out it will also come and go for awhile. I just love the leather texture on the black Sienna. You're gonna love it.
  3. Weird, huh? The rep called me just a few hours before I placed the order and said there were none.

    Yep, paid full price...but I have a feeling I won't find a new one anywhere else, and I'm so tired of taking chances on used eBay bags-some sellers version of "great condition" is what I would call "ready for the thrift store".
  4. I was up late last night and I saw that smooth black Sienna too! I would have loved to have bought it, but I really really don't need it in black. (I have it in espresso.) I'm so glad you got it and not some undeserving wench.
  5. Thats great Rosenpetals!!!

    You reaaaaally seem to want one so Im glad that you finally got it!:yahoo:
    Its true that all the black "siennas" on ebay are fakes, so at least you know that yours has is 1000000% authentic!

    Looking forward to pics.
  6. Yipee! I am glad you nabbed that baby and she went to a deserving home.
  7. I'm happy you got what your heart desired! Obviously, it was a meant to be!
  8. Rosen, that's fantastic!:yahoo: is an odd site, when I spoke to them, I got a really strange guy on the phone, who didn't seem too worried whether I placed and order or not (do as you flippin' please attitude and that's not really the way to deal with us great people who keep spreading the word about this brand...)

    Anyway, I'm so happy you got this and you know, there are some advantages in paying retail (not many..), you have the receipt, which proves authenticity if you ever want to let go of this baby and it will come wrapped in plastic, so you're basically the first one to fondle it..sometimes even the bags in the stores are not in such a new state as from

    You know we're waiting for the pics!
  9. does confirm the possibility that CS reps don't check to see if things are actually in stock if it means extra work? They just say, "nope! we don't have that!" and continue filing their nails or watching Oprah or something. Oh wait that's me. LOL...

    Congrats on the purse!!! Please post pics when you receive!!! It's awesome to hear that when you wait long enough to find that bag that you let go away, sometimes there really IS a happy ending. Way to go! :dothewave:

  10. OH, good that proves I wasn't in some alternate reality last night!

    I LOVE that expresso color, also...lucky girl.

    It looks like they are discontinuing the Sienna completely if sales rep is to be believed) so we'd better hang on to these beauties!
  11. I've called cust. service at least 4 times, and have never actually talked to anyone. I always leave a message, and this is the first time anyone's even gotten back to me. I think it's pretty obvious they didn't even check, for it was there all right, just till I placed my order, then it was gone.

    Lexie thought it might have been a customer return, which also makes me worry, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's perfect! (and will of course inundate you all with pics)

    Thanks for posting the bright side of paying full price, that made me feel MUCH better. I love a great deal, but you never quite know what you're getting, esp. on eBay.
  12. I think I had the Kooba Gods shining down on me when I landed the black Sienna a few weeks ago. The bag is in like new condition. It looks like it was never used. And for 210. That was a complete Miracle. So never say never on Ebay. Every once in a while there's a real one.

    You are so lucky yourself to get the last black one. I hope it is in good shape and not a return. It was just that I kept seeing those Alex's pop in and out of Bluefly so one of my GF's couldn't stand it and bought it. It came with a gum wrapper in the pocket.

    Let's hope Kooba has all their ducks in a row now and send you a perfect bag.
  13. BTW, Neiman Marcus has Siennas in bourbon and black, but I'm assuming that's the distresed leather and not the smooth. They have them marked down to $469 as part of their First Call sale.
  14. YAY! :smile: im so glad you finally found it! :smile: are you still going to keep the black lena! :smile: i love them both! keep em both hehe:smile: but im glad you finallllly found it!
  15. Lexie, if it isn't perfect, it'll go right back. Heck, to my thinkin' $599 better equal a brand spankin new, never been fondled Sienna.

    You did luck out with a very rare deal. Did you ever ask her why she sold it? I always do wonder about the history of my bags from eBay.

    Youngster, the only black ones I've seen are the bumpy, distressed ones, which look heavier. I live too far away from a store where I can actually try one on for weight & feel comparasin.