My Weight Loss Journey!

  1. Hey All,

    Just thought I would make a thread covering my weight loss journey from now until October.

    I'm 5ft3in and weigh about 196lbs (nearly 14 stones) I have been over weight for the last couple of years and never been motivated enough to do anything about it. I've met a guy I really like and my confidence is lacking. I know I'm better looking when I don't weigh this much and I think knowing that he is attracted to girls that aren't big has really given me the motivation I need.

    I piled on the pounds during my last relationship which lasted 2 years. Looking in the mirror disguists me and I haven't bought new clothes in months. Nothing fits right and I just keep thinking I'm too fat.

    I'm living at home until September so it is very difficult for me to lose weight as I eat what my parents do. In fact, if I don't eat a large portion I get questioned and made out like something is wrong or I am weird for dieting. They think I can't do it and don't help the situation at all.

    So right now I'm making do with what I have at home and looking forward to going to the gym in september.

    In this thread I will post what I'm eating every day and weigh myself weekly. I'll also post about the struggles I'm having or any other stuff related to my weight loss. I used to keep a diary but I'm on the comp so much this seems a lot more fun!

    Hoping to go from 196 to 160 by October 1. I have some pics but I'm too embarrased to post them yet...maybe at the end I can do before/after pics! Although my journey won't end in October, that's just a short term goal. I eventually hope to bring my weight down to about 125lbs.
  2. So far today I have eaten the following:

    Breakfast: frosties with almond milk in a little bowl
    Lunch: 1 cup serving of cous cous with chickpeas and red peppers

    I also went shopping today for some new tops but all the cute ones are too tight around my stomach and show my flab! baggier styles end up making me look two times larger though. Saw a decent pair of jeans but I'm not buying jeans in a UK size 20 so i think i'll stick to my jeggings and leggings for now.....the joys of stretchy clothes LOL.
  3. Best of luck princess chic , sounds like your motivated to do well, that is always half the battle :smile: keep us updated.
  4. Best of luck!
  5. Congratulation on achieving the first step - being able to recognize the need to slim down and setting a weight loss goal. I am working on my last phase (the last x lbs), so I want to see you succeed.

    A few questions -
    1. Are your breakfast frosties high in sugar? If so, can you change to something else, such as oatmeal or other high fiber alternatives (no sugar added, of course)?

    2. What kind of exercise are you doing?
    I started out walking, and later added more gradually, I have tried Tai Chi, steprobics, rumba dancing, treadmill, and yoga. Now, I swim daily and whenever I can (2x-4x a week) treadmill (running) with stretching/breathing exercise at the end of each session. I think the exercise has made me stronger and firmer (more compact). Although the exercise may not be as effective as a healthy diet, I think it will help you feel better and look better (by eliminating/reducing flabby bulges and spare tires).
  6. Good luck! You sound really motivated and positive which is great.

    I just wanted to say that Frosties/Frosted Flakes (same thing :smile:) are not a great choice when trying to lose weight. It's soooo high in sugar and you'll get hungry soon after. Your breakfast and lunch from day one are both high in carbs and low in protein - may I suggest lean protein for breakfast (example: eggs, cottage cheese, protein shake) and protein and veggies for lunch (example: grilled chicken with salad, mixed veggies with salmon).

    It's so hard to break the habit, I'm a cereal freak (I used to love coming home from work and having cereal for dinner lol)