my weekender!!

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  1. here's a picture of my big baby :yes:

  2. speechless, it's GORGEOUS! u must be in HEAVEN!
  3. congrats....tts a gorgeous bag!
  4. congrats!!!! :party:
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE weekenders! and the colour is TDF
  5. Beautiful!!!:heart: Gratulerer!
  6. Oh, wow! I think I would drop dead of jealousy if I saw anyone carrying that bag down the street. Great buy!
  7. :nuts:OMG that Weekender is TDF!!!!
    I was considering that exact bag at one time but got scared I couldn't pull it off. After seeing your pic, I am now reconsidering ...:hrmm:
  8. pursendipity - i say, GO FOR IT! hahaha :biggrin: take the plunge!

    thanx for the compliments everyone :biggrin: gotta love the grass green shade
  9. WOW! the color is YUM!
  10. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!! Congrats!
  11. gorgeous! I love VG!
  12. :wtf: :upsidedown: :drool: WOW! That is drop dead gorgeous! I LOVE IT! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!
  13. AMAZING bag! I wish I could pull off bright/bold colors.
  14. Gorgeous VG W/E you have there, groovy! Congratulations...:yahoo:
  15. love it~~ congrats
    Now I want some GREEN COLOR ~:idea: