My weekender just arrived!!!

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  1. I finally received my emerald weekender~ it got here today and it's Sunday! It's so hard to show in a pic how beautiful the color is IRL. I will try again later. Anyway~ I do love it but maybe I'm not as excited b/c I already have the courier in this color and I have been using that bag a lot lately. The handles are dark underneath so I guess she'll be heading to LMB for a cleaning. Excuse the cerises scarf! LOL! I am trying to find something to do with it. I am just not a scarf girl I guess but maybe I'll leave it on the bag~ don't know yet.

  2. WE leather looks yummy! you cant go wrong with a WE.............:heart::heart::heart:
  3. OMG girlie, it is gorgeous.:drool: I love this color. I am waiting for the Pine to come out. :sweatdrop:Congrats.:yahoo::heart:
  4. congrats on the new bbag family member!!! the leather looks yummy :heart:

    as for the scarf: it goes very well color-wise, but IMO the motorcycle bags look too busy with a scarf. Well, maybe not the day, as it has a bigger surface KWIM?
  5. It's gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  6. Zacorey, your emerald Weekender is gorgeous! I want an Emerald myself in the Work size but after seeing your Weekender I just might have to reconsider!
  7. ^^^That's so awesome ICB!!! The color is so much nicer IRL!!! The emerald is one of my favorite colors (obviously b/c now I have 2 bags in this color)
  8. Yeah~ I know~ the scarf is coming off~ I promise!!!!:P LOL I thought if I used it for travel it would look cute. I already got a PM to get rid of the scarf!!!:roflmfao:
  9. This Weekender is YUMMIE :yahoo:C O N G R A T S Zachorey

    I'm not so sure about scarves being of limit in general, MarieG's look so fab with em...
  10. I forgot to add that the leather is yummy considering it's a SS 06 leather. Hmm, I really might have to look into getting one soon, thanks!
  11. zac, the leather is TDF on this bag! CONGRATS on a great find!!
  12. gosh, it's not THAT bad LoL
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!! Your bag is TDF
    Congrats Zacorey the leather is so hot
  14. Holy Guacamole!!! That bag is stunning!!! :wtf: One day, when I grow up and get to travel, I want a weekender just like yours!!! You did good girl!!! :graucho:
  15. OK~ here's a much better picture!!! This captures the color really well!!! (minus the scarf!!!!:lol:)