My Weekender in Black

  1. Love my balenciaga weekender... it's so functional yet gorgeous

  2. WOOOW!!!i LOVE it, its TDF!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful bag!! I just got one too and love it :tender:.
  4. so beautiful, congrats!
  5. yowza, that's one delicious b-bag archangel, can you see the drool?!?! :nuts:
  6. LOVE IT!! Congrats!!
  7. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  8. sooo nice, congrats!!!
  9. :nuts:Gorgeous :love: !!!!
    Congrats :yahoo: !!!
  10. that is one beautiful bag!!! congratulations!!!
  11. Beautiful!!! :heart:
  12. :love: 0o0o0 so yummy! congrats!
  13. loveeee it! enjoy it.
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