My weekend shopping haul.....

  1. It was a good weekend for bargains, I tell ya :smile:
    Vince 3/4 Tweed Coat (from Saks)
    Paige Premium jacket $25
    Marc leather jacket $103 (NM Last Call)
    Calvin Klein angora maxi coat $94 (loehmann's)
    Theory Rory Suit (Saks)
  2. wow - great haul!
  3. Great finds. I love all of your coats!
  4. I'm loving the denim jacket!!!
  5. Love the Marc jacket- great finds (and deals)!
  6. wow! I love your coats! You sure did find some great deals!
  7. Nice! Can I go shopping with you next time? You are a great bargain hunter!
  8. Great finds, DC! Love the Paige jacket and the Calvin Klein coat. And the Theory suit! I so need that suit! :love:
  9. wow! Great finds!
  10. Love them all but especially the MJ coat!!
  11. Great haul indeed! Excellent purchases!
  12. wow great finds!
  13. I absolutely love the Brown leather jacket. Did you buy online?
  14. Sure found the great deals. Congrats!
  15. Thanks, I got it at NM Last Call outlet. It feels like butta, so soft and light enough to wear in the spring/summer/