my weekend purchases!

  1. marc by marc jacobs aviators:

    anthropologie silk crepe de chine dress:

    burberry rain booties (it rains so much here!):

    yaaaaaaaaaay! i just wanted to share, i haven't had such a productive few days in quite a while!
  2. They are all stunning!!!
  3. Ooh LOVE the dress!
  4. I really like that dress!!
  5. Love the marc jacobs aviators!

    Just got the catalogue, and I'm just drooling over 'em. I need me a new pair soon!!!
  6. Nice!!!
  7. I love the dress!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous, enjoy!
  9. i've been eyeing that anthro dress on their site it's beautiful :yes:
  10. Wow ! I love everything. Especially that gorgeous dress.
  11. if you've been eyeing the dress, buy it! it's super flattering and it has HIDDEN POCKETS!!! which are my favorite thing ever.

  12. omg seriously?!? :nuts: i'm a sucker for anything with hidden pockets....must go try it on this weekend :p
  13. Love the dress!!! :biggrin: and Enjoy! ^_^
  14. i, too, love hidden pockets! plus it's super easy to wear since the entire back of the bodice is the elastic-y, ruched stuff...can't think of the name right now... i normally wear a 14, and i got a 12. it moves with you, so it's not nearly as hard to find the right fit as it is with most dresses.
  15. Oooh love your new stuff!! Anthropologie is my fav store! :smile: