My weekend purchase

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  1. Wanted a wallet in rouge noir as i love that color ,so got a continental wallet with gunmetal hardware

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  2. Wow how gorgeous is that!! Never knew they did RN :drool:, congrats!
  3. Ooh! I do like that. Gorgeous colour and hardware combination and lots of room inside to be organised. Congratulations!
  4. beautiful purse- what type of leather is it? and can I ask how much?
  5. Wow...!!! that's great awesome...
  6. Very nice, and very practical wallet - never seen the wallet in this colour before. Congrats!
  7. It is calf leather and was 136 pounds from cheshire oaks.
  8. Beautiful purse ! Congrats !
  9. Beautiful purse umamanikam!

  10. Even better at such a fab price and such great leather- now would that suit my RN Mitzy?????
  11. very pretty - looks like you will need to hold on to it firmly!
  12. lovely colour!! Congrats :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful colour! Looks like a great purse too, well done :yes:
  14. OOhhh thats lovely!! xx
  15. Lovely - good price too ! Like the hardware too !