My weekend loot! (Lots of pics)

  1. First up is my new Hobo International bag. I got a great deal on it. It has a very substantial solid brass chain as the handle and soft, vintage-y taupe leather with a slight sheen and distress. It seems to scratch easily, but I love it so far. The lining is a nice floral canvas with 1 zipped and 2 interior pockets. The bag holds a lot without being very large. I love the subtle bow detail in the front.
    Hobo International Front.JPG Hobo International Front with chain.JPG Hobo International Back.JPG Hobo International Side.JPG Hobo International Interior with stuff.JPG
  2. Next up is my gold Maxximum oversized clutch. It has a lot of pockets and the gold pebbled leather is extremely soft. I keep running my hand over it. It also has a very cute nylon leopard lining. The hardware, again, feels very solid and substantial (I hate cheap hardware!).
    Maxximum Gold Clutch Front.JPG Maxximum Gold Clutch Back.JPG Maxximum Gold Clutch Interior.JPG Maxximum Gold Clutch Interior with buckle.JPG
  3. I also got 2 Linea Pelle belts. The first is an off-white suede belt with silver lines on it. It has a brass buckle and brass rings around the belt holes. The second is a woven leather dark brown belt.
    LP White-Silver Suede Belt 1.JPG LP White-Silver Suede Belt 2.JPG LP Brown Leather Woven Belt 1.JPG LP Brown Leather Woven Belt 2.JPG
  4. Congrats! I love shopping!
  5. Everything is really cute! :tup:
  6. I love that clutch, the lining is so fun. In gold, you can carry it with everything, dress it up or down. I hope you take it with you on lots of fun nights out!
  7. I have one hobo international bag too. It's great and the inside is SOOO functional!
  8. congrats!
  9. balihai88 - i certainly do! i've worn it to bars, a wedding, clubs, and soon to my office holiday party!

    paintednightsky - the inside is really functional! the bag itself isn't too crazy or exciting, but it's a great staple!

    thanks everyone else!
  10. Oooooo fun fun!!

    Congrats on all of you new loot...have fun with it all!
  11. I love the lining of the hobo bag!
  12. I love your Hobo International! :heart:

  13. That leather looks luscious! I love the bow! Congrats!

  14. this is soooo beautiful! def. the gem of the day LOL
  15. What a nice shopping weekend. Congratulations!!!!!