My weekend eBay win

  1. After seeing so many of you posting your pictures of this, I just HAD to get one for myself! Its the rasberry lurex mini skinny! I can't wait to get it this week! Did I overpay for this item? I've watched a few of them go for a similar price over the past week and I lost one auction, so I just bid more this time and won! I don't have an outlet close to me.
  2. congrats its beautiful!!! :drool: I didn't know they did mini skinnys in it!! I bought a raspberry lurex photo frame keyring because I too am addicted to the hot pink and silver combo!
  3. so cute... love the color combo!
  4. Congrats, very cute! I don't think you overpaid too much...they are at the outlets for $25 I think? But retail was $48 right?
  5. Love that color... great buy... Congrats! :tup:
  6. Love it! I don't think you overpaid, it's so pretty!
  7. Great buy!
  8. Love the color combination! Congrats.
  9. cute! I know they are at the outlets but by the time you pay tax and eBay/paypal fees as the seller you probably paid about right. :shrugs: Congrats! :tup:
  10. I LOVE that skinny mini!!!
  11. Very pretty, I'm hoping to get something in Rasberry Lurex after the strike is over.​
  12. i ove that! it's so cute:smile:
  13. I love the rasberry color! Congrats!
  14. I loovvvee that combo!!! I got mine off of eBay for 25.00 and I also got the wristlet for 49.99 off of eBay! I LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!
  15. You got a great deal, Peaches! :tup: