My weekend buys! Pics included :)

  1. I had a semi-eventful weekend and got to buy some cute things! My Khaki/White ergo came in and I really like it, except for the pocket C's not lining up with the rest of the bag, but it seems that Coach did this with the new Sig Stripe things too. WHY? I am still floored that I got it so cheap ($190 before shipping) and I have been looking it over and I definitely think it's real without a doubt. It came re-wrapped in the coach plastic and everything.

    I also took a trip to Dillard's and got a cute gold Lurex wristlet for 73.50. I am the Matron of Honor in my one of my best friend's wedding on Feb 29th and we are getting to wear nice tea length black dresses so I thought it would be so cute to have something Coach to carry around!

    I also worked out the earring issue and I got my Heart earrings! I didn't take a pic of them because they are in my ears but I love them!!
    I also got a men's belt for my DH and I was soooooo excited that he asked me to buy him one!!! HE ASKED FOR COACH!!!! :yahoo:

    I also went to LV and got a little something.. but thats a whole other sub forum :p
    IMG_0682.JPG IMG_0683.JPG IMG_0685.JPG IMG_0684.JPG
  2. Here is the Wristlet!
    IMG_0689.JPG IMG_0690.JPG
  3. congrats, it looks great on you! :tup:
  4. I LOVE that wristlet, congrats!:tup:
  5. Glad to hear that you got the earring issue figured out! Congrats on your new stuff! The ergo looks great! :yes:
  6. Wow!!! You had a great shopping weekend! Congrats
  7. Ooooh. Lovely.
  8. I love the white patent on the ergo. congrats!
  9. that is really cute..
  10. Beautiful! You have amazing taste! :tup:
  11. I love the wristlet!! Congrats :smile:
  12. i love all of it!
  13. Very pretty Ergo! Looks wonderful on you! The wristlet is gorgeous, too!
  14. I love it!! I really like the white trim with the brown signature. I got 1 in a satchel last year.
  15. great stuff! congrats