My Week...

  1. :crybaby: lol I wish I was posting about buying a new LV. I'm not that sad because I have a nice collection to date. Last Wednesday, I got a wedding ring set which is beautiful. :heart: :yahoo:

    And on Thursday, I got a new Imac. My dh didn't want to buy me LV purse, he said my rings were more important. :yahoo: So...this means, no LV until x'mas maybe. :crybaby: lol that was my exciting week last week. :yahoo: So for the next few months, I can only admire others LV's. ;) I keep thinking I want a LV though lol :sweatdrop: maybe in sept or october.
  2. awww yay! how exciting! You can admire the one's I get on the 31st for my bday lol! :heart:
  3. Congrats!!
  4. lol matt your so funny. and happy birthday for august 31!!!!!! ;) I'm still hoping to go the Banff meeting in October. :yes:
  5. thanks. :flowers:

  6. So, are you going ? :nuts:
  7. Congrats on a new ring! That sounds fun!
  8. Aw congrats!
  9. Great Hubby you have there! Nice collection too.
  10. congrats on the ring.
  11. Awesome! Congrats!
  12. Congrats on your new ring. I would love to see a picture of it.... I am also on a ban after buying 4 new LV's this month
  13. beljwl, Ok, I wouldn't posting a pic of my ring. I have to figure out my new computer. The imac is a bit new for me. :rolleyes:
  14. Ok I figured out how to post pictures. :yahoo:
    Someone wanted to see my rings. I love this new imac, how you can add some cool borders. I know I'm going to have fun with my computer. Please don't mind my stuff on my desk. I have disc's on the desk from stuff I backed up from my laptop!!! lol
    DSC03523.JPG DSC03514.JPG DSC03510.JPG DSC03517.JPG DSC03520.JPG
  15. I'm so far planning on going. :smile: