1. Soooooooo because of the beauty Purse-O-Nality posted, I ended up forgetting about that poppy tote and getting my own chevron hobo on ebay!!!!!!!! this seller was selling it with a bid starting at 99 and had 6 days left, i begged her to put a buy it now for 150 and she did!!!! so i got itttttttttttttttt!!! it s gorgeous!!!! i adore it!!

    Day 1: Wore it to work/school with this cute pink outfit.. forgot to take a picture, but it was with khaki bermuda shorts and a pink paul frank t shirt along with my coach espadrilles (the patchwork) got soooo many compliments!!

    Day 2: Wednesday, wore it to work with a whole bunch of non matching clothes, white skirt with green tye dye and purple flowers and a brown top, but somehow it matched!! i got this weirddddd turquoise streak on the bag and this weird small brown stain, but never fear, the coach suede care kit rubbed most of it off!! I live in NY so I haven't babied the bag, I take the train, sit next to ppl, put it on my desk, etc!!! its amazing!!

    Day 3: I have pics!!! I wore it with an all purple look which I DONT CARE if it didnt match!!! this bag is great and holds a ton!!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

    inside the bag:

    be-----yooo---tiful slouch!!!

    you can see how horrible i am at matching, but my top had white AND stripes so there :P


    how did that get upside down? oh well...

    i m soooo happy :yahoo:

  2. Looks fabulous!!! I didn't really think I liked the chevron but I looooove it now.. !
  3. Its so pretty, looks great on you.
  4. me either until purse-o-nality posted hers!!! it is TDF!! THANKS!!!
  5. Its so cute on you.
    I've been eyeing the same bag in yellow lately.
    I love the style!
  6. You look great workin' the Hobo!! Sounds like you're having fun with your new bag! Congrats :smile:
  7. so cute! it will look good with so many outfits - black, brown, grey, white, turquoise, anything!
  8. It looks great on you! Man, that bag can hold a lot.
  9. That bag is faboo and so are you! :cutesy: I am so glad you got that bag-it just works!!
  10. lol everyone go out and get one!!! it is TDF!!! maybe i should get the yellow too :drool:
  11. Too cute!
  12. yup you rock that bag love the colors....
  13. thanks!!! does anybody experience this with regular one color hobos too? i mean are they shaped like the chevron, do they slouch like it?
  14. Its beautiful!
  15. It looks great! thanks for sharing.