My Week of Damage!

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  1. I thought this was quite funny! These are the shoes that I fell in love with and bought this week. Some of them did not live up to my expectations and will be sent back, but I thought I should chronicle my week. I just bought a new camera, so I'll be able to post modeling pics tomorrow (probably...).:tup:
  2. Are those Stuart Weitzmans in the left corner? I love them!!
  3. Yep! I got them from Neiman's for only $52! I absolutely love jeweled thongs, so I was super excited!:yahoo:
  4. la, which ones didn't live up?:sad: love your choices
  5. The gold Mary Janes had the color rubbed off on the sides when I pulled them out of the box. The sole of the shoe did not show any signs of wear, so I assume it's just a defect of the color of something. Someone else mentioned the gold would come off. My Som1's are a bit too tight, too. I'm trying to decide if I'll be keeping them or not. I've gotten some great advice regarding their stretch-ability, so I might be able to keep them (crossing my fingers).

    The rest I love!
  6. dang it i was hoping that you would have faired better than i with the mary janes...must be a defect in them for both of us to have the same problem:sad:
  7. hi, louboutins for $223.90 is a great buy! may i ask where u got them fr?
  8. Saks.
  9. beutiful choices LDF! if you don't mind where did you have the first two MBs?
  10. both of those i grabbed from NM online sale. Both were around $260.
  11. Here are pics of my Gianni Bini (from Dilliards).

  12. Oh wow! $52!! That's awesome!! Are they still available? I think I could use a pair.. :graucho:
  13. I don't see them now, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. They were under Last Call Clearance online.
  14. Hmm chances are probably slim for me then. My size is 6-7.5 in most shoes and that is a common size I believe.
  15. Love your shoes esp love the Loubs! Patent is classic, you'll have them forever! Great purchases, congratulations!!! You did well!!