My week just got better! Rare 04 find with pics!

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  1. Hey girls, this morning this beauty arrived for me!!!! I couldnt believe that I bought her forsuch a great price. I had the intention of sending her to LMB to be restored as the auction pics looked really bad but here she is and I couldnt be happier! Enjoy my 04 Seafoam purse with pewter hardware!;)


  2. WOW! restoration definitely not needed! It's beautiful, congratulations!
  3. Hey another bag in a week! Lucky girl!
    It's beautiful! Agreed with need restoration!!!

    Congrats pc22!
  4. HAVE had a great week for bags! BEAUTIFUL!
  5. WOW! love pewter hardware! CONGRATS! beautiful combo in a beautiful style! any modelling pics?
  6. :tup:Do not send her anywhere! She is perfect! Congrats on such an awesome find!!!:heart:
  7. What on earth!?!??! First the Magenta, now this??? :nuts: Another stunning bag!! You go girl!!!
  8. cOngrats on your find~! Love the out door pictures.. it really brings the color to life.. :tup:
  9. WOW congrats~
  10. Ooh gorgeous!! Congrats! Shes perfect!
  11. Fabulouso! What an amazing find! Wow!!
  12. Thank you sweety, I just put my vert d eau and bubblegum braid that you made on her and she looks even better! Although not the same as seafoam the vert blends nicely in with the seafoam!:heart:
  13. I know, its funny as I always moan that I always miss the bargains and ones that slip through un noticed! It must just be my time to find them. I will now send the good luck on to someone else!;)
  14. :tup: GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats~ :woohoo:
  15. Beautiful!!!