My Wednesday Morning. A Short Novel.


Oct 18, 2006
Surf City USA
There was nothing particularly special about this Wednesday morning.
Our alarm sounded at 4:35am as it usually does. I turned and kissed my Husband, and stretched a bit before getting out of bed. Routinely, I slipped into my workout clothes, splashed cold water on my face and ran the toothbrush across my tongue. Robotically, I grabbed my gym bag and purse, peeked in my daughter’s room, and poured my coffee, as I told my hubby that I loved him. I then grabbed my keys, kissed the cat, and headed out the door.
There was nothing particularly special about this Wednesday morning as I breathed in the marine layer and entered my car. I chomped on my daily morning apple and listened to the antics of Bill Handle and the morning crew on KFI am as I drove to the gym, as usual.
Yep, there wasn’t anything particularly different this morning when I entered Bally’s and greeted Raul at the front desk. On queue I waved to a few people I regularly see, and headed for the locker room. Again, there was nothing special about this morning when I stepped unto an unoccupied elliptical machine, as usual.
After my workout and while in the shower, I smiled at the thought of this “easy” before a Holiday workday at the office and at tomorrow being Thanksgiving. The thought of Friday’s shopping, and Saturday’s Christmas decorating widened my grin.
Nothing appeared atypical as I opened the gym locker and proceeded to dress for the day.
It was a typical weekday morning… until… to my horror, I realized that for the first time ever I forgot to pack a blouse. Good grief!
The gym is 5 minutes from the office and 30 minutes from home. Since I would be leaving the office early this afternoon, I didn’t want to call in late and have to deal with the Dragon Lady that is my supervisor. Out of the norm for a typical workday morning, I drove around frantically hoping that at 6:50am I would encounter a store already observing Holiday hours. I needed to buy a blouse or sweater, or a dress, or a blazer…something!!!!
No luck. Target was closed. Ross was also closed, as was Sears.

So here I sit at my desk in a pair of slacks and high heels and a icky sticky Def Leppard concert t-shirt that I sweated in for 45 minutes this morning.
I also need to alleviate myself from this morning’s 5 cups of coffee but 1- I’m embarrassed to walk over to the ladies lounge in this interesting ensemble, and B- I’ve waited much too long to visit the lounge that I’m not even sure that I can walk upright.
I hope everyone’s having a better Wednesday morning that I am….:shame:


nail polish addict
Feb 11, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
I'm just trying to picture your nice dressy slacks with a Def Leppard T-shirt :roflmfao:

Have you gone to the bathroom yet?


Feb 1, 2006
OMG....I loved it!! I have been in a rush and forgot a bra ...ONCE..thats all it took! Hopefully your day is almost over! lol


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
Long and Low Farms
This is exactly why I don't dress at the gym. I have an irrational fear of forgetting something like shoes and ending up at work with no shoes..OMG you are brave.