My Wednesday Morning. A Short Novel.

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  1. There was nothing particularly special about this Wednesday morning.
    Our alarm sounded at 4:35am as it usually does. I turned and kissed my Husband, and stretched a bit before getting out of bed. Routinely, I slipped into my workout clothes, splashed cold water on my face and ran the toothbrush across my tongue. Robotically, I grabbed my gym bag and purse, peeked in my daughter’s room, and poured my coffee, as I told my hubby that I loved him. I then grabbed my keys, kissed the cat, and headed out the door.
    There was nothing particularly special about this Wednesday morning as I breathed in the marine layer and entered my car. I chomped on my daily morning apple and listened to the antics of Bill Handle and the morning crew on KFI am as I drove to the gym, as usual.
    Yep, there wasn’t anything particularly different this morning when I entered Bally’s and greeted Raul at the front desk. On queue I waved to a few people I regularly see, and headed for the locker room. Again, there was nothing special about this morning when I stepped unto an unoccupied elliptical machine, as usual.
    After my workout and while in the shower, I smiled at the thought of this “easy” before a Holiday workday at the office and at tomorrow being Thanksgiving. The thought of Friday’s shopping, and Saturday’s Christmas decorating widened my grin.
    Nothing appeared atypical as I opened the gym locker and proceeded to dress for the day.
    It was a typical weekday morning… until… to my horror, I realized that for the first time ever I forgot to pack a blouse. Good grief!
    The gym is 5 minutes from the office and 30 minutes from home. Since I would be leaving the office early this afternoon, I didn’t want to call in late and have to deal with the Dragon Lady that is my supervisor. Out of the norm for a typical workday morning, I drove around frantically hoping that at 6:50am I would encounter a store already observing Holiday hours. I needed to buy a blouse or sweater, or a dress, or a blazer…something!!!!
    No luck. Target was closed. Ross was also closed, as was Sears.

    So here I sit at my desk in a pair of slacks and high heels and a icky sticky Def Leppard concert t-shirt that I sweated in for 45 minutes this morning.
    I also need to alleviate myself from this morning’s 5 cups of coffee but 1- I’m embarrassed to walk over to the ladies lounge in this interesting ensemble, and B- I’ve waited much too long to visit the lounge that I’m not even sure that I can walk upright.
    I hope everyone’s having a better Wednesday morning that I am….:shame:
  2. I think we deserve a picture of this ensemble :sneaky:
  3. I'm just trying to picture your nice dressy slacks with a Def Leppard T-shirt :roflmfao:

    Have you gone to the bathroom yet?
  4. Yes, I finally got up and took care of business:okay:.
    At lunch I drove to Target and bought a top. :s
    I feel better now.:rolleyes:
  5. OMG....I loved it!! I have been in a rush and forgot a bra ...ONCE..thats all it took! Hopefully your day is almost over! lol
  6. Stinky, we def need photographic evidence! :angel:
  7. Ahahahahhaa oh no!
  8. This is exactly why I don't dress at the gym. I have an irrational fear of forgetting something like shoes and ending up at work with no shoes..OMG you are brave.
  9. lol loved your short novel.

    that was hilarious!

  10. Ahaha, that was pretty funny!
    Good god, that sounds like something I would do.
  11. OMG I'm so sorry, that must have been horrible! I agree, pictures? :biggrin:
  12. That is quite the visual. :~) And I want pics too, but I doubt you hired a photographer to catch this 'moment.'
  13. OMG what a great story!
  14. Thanks for sharing, what a great story.. hee hee
  15. That is hilarious. Thankyou for that story.