My wedding set is finally complete!

  1. Stunning!! Congratulations on your wedding;)
  2. Your wedding set is impeccable! Truly a dream set!
  3. Congrats! Beautiful EC!
  4. Wow your ring is even more gorgeous than I remember and looks so great on your hand!! Love it w the bands too! Congrats ; )
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Love your set and the diamond earrings!:heart:
    And are you wearing the VCA Signature bracelet, too?:p
  7. Congratulations on your marriage! Your set is absolutely stunning!!!!! My favorite cut is the emerald cut as well and love it with the halo!!!!! Reminds me of my set. Enjoy!!!!!
  8. Your e-ring is my dream ring, so beautiful!! Congrats on your wedding and marriage, many blessings to you!
  9. As an emerald cut lover, all I can say is.... it's pure perfection!!

    Congratulations on the marriage, and wear it in good health.
  10. Your set is beautiful! And the earrings are super cute. They look like tiny snowflakes from the photo : )
  11. Totally gorgeous!!!
  12. I'm rendered speechless by your set!! Congratulations on your wedding, and on being the owner of such a beautiful, elegant, and unique set! Did I miss the specs on your e-ring somewhere? Please tell us more about it!! (I am a HUGE fan of emerald cuts!)
  13. Congrats! It's very pretty!
  14. Congrats! Your set is beautiful and looking forward to more pics
  15. Beautiful set! So elegant and classic!