My Wedding Photos ~ Florence, Italy

  1. These are my Wedding Photos from October 14th, 2006. Location was Florence, Italy and it was just me and my hubby (for some of you who know me, I've been calling him my hubby for my entire engagement...:p). Anyhow, my Italian wedding planner hired a wonderful photographer for me ( He spoke not 1 lick of English but was FABULOUS! I wanted to share them with my fellow PF'ers!! Please excuse me while I post the photos!


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  4. They are stunning pics!
    it looks like you had an amazing day! congratulations :smile:
  6. Gorgeous photographs. Congratulations.

    I am not a great lover of Italy, but I have to show interest now as my daughters OH is a German speaking Italian. I love him to bits, he is gorgeous as well. (LOL I shouldnt be saying that), but I mean in a motherly way.

    Is that a Tessa Rossa?????:wlae:
  7. Gorgeous picutres, you two are such a great looking couple.
    Italy is so beuatiful! Question, who's house it that? Love the whole look.
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  9. You are beautiful! You both look very happy. Congratulations and thank you for sharing, makes me want to go to Italy right now!
  10. Love the pics! You and your husband are gorgeous :smile:
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  12. These are fantastic! Congrats on your wedding, and so glad you had such a great photographer! You will cherish these pics always!
  13. You are so beautiful and your husband is just too is like a fairy tale wedding. It must have been wonderful.
  14. I really like the b/w photo. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
  15. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!:yes: