My wedding made the gossip blogs!! HAHA

  1. Sooo.....I just got married, my wedding was perfect, blah, blah.. and we hired a U2 cover band for entertainment. They were SO good, they made the gossip blogs of the paper:nuts::
    so funny! Had to share, especially since I had to temporarily ditch all my purse forum friends for the the last few months- hope you forgive me!
  2. that is AWESOME!!! that sound like a great band!!

    any wedding photos to share?? love to see ;em!!

    congrats on a great and perfect wedding!!
  3. thanks! I'm kinda shy about the wedding photo has all the typical stuff...white dress, bouquet, blah blah:blush:
  4. Thats Sooo Coool
  5. :nuts:Cool! And congratulations!
  6. That's hilarious! Sounds like you had a good time, congratulations. :smile:
  7. Congrats on your wedding! Sounds like a great day!
  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing and Congrats!
  9. You got married at the VERSACE MANSION??? That's wild!!
  10. that is so cool!
  11. That is very cool!
  12. Soooo awesome! Congrats!!!
  13. that's so cool!
  14. omg, hahaa, that is sweet
  15. Congratulations.sounded like you had a wonderful day!!