My wedding dress

  1. When I got married, my mother went back to her home, with my wedding dress. It's been hanging in the closet of my old bedroom since then, (2 and a half years)

    Now- my mother told me she wants me to sell it, or give it away. She doesn't seem to feel I should keep it. She is giving hers away to a collector- it's from the 50's and gorgeous.

    What I want to know- are there any girls out there who kept their dresses? I don't/won't have children, so it's not like I am saving it for my daughter. But one of the best days in my life was in that dress.

    Am I wrong to want to keep it?
  2. hi meowgal,
    i kept my wedding dress as well. u're def not wrong to want to keep it. it's such a nice feeling to know it's there in my wardrobe, and remember the wedding day ev time i see it. :smile:
  3. No, you are absolutely not wrong to want to keep your wedding dress. If that dress serves as a reminder of that day, then keep it. I suggest taking it to a place that can preserve it in a special box where you will be able to keep it for a long time.
  4. I keep mine, dont get me wrong, I would not want my children to have to wear it, gosh I would not choose it any more either ;)

    but for sentimental reasons, It means the world to me :smile:
  5. ahhh, you have got me reminiscing now! I might go start a members in our wedding dresses thread :biggrin:
  6. After I got married 22 years ago, I had mine preserved. The dry cleaner cleans, treats it with some preservative and boxes it. There is a clear window on the box so I know it is my gown! I also doubt my daughter will want to wear mine but you never know. Maybe she will alter its look or use some portion of it ( lace/ train/veil) with her gown. It a sentimental keepsake I guess. I cant imagine selling it. Of course who would want to wear a long sleeved high neck gown,today anyway!!!
  7. meowgirl, why do you not pick it up from your mums and store it at your house, that way it is out of your mums way. :smile:
  8. I've been married for 15 years and my wedding dress has been preserved and is carefully stored in a box in my house. If you don't keep it, you may regret it. You can always get rid of it later if you decide you want to. I would strongly suggest, however, that you find someone who specializing in preserving wedding dresses. The dress should not be hanging - it should carefully folded with acid-free tissue and stored in a box.
  9. You have every right to keep your wedding dress.
  10. i agree with all the other ladies:you should keep it for sentimental will alkways remind you of one of the best days of your life....:love:
    • DEFONETLY KEEP IT!!:yes: :yes: :yes:
  11. Absolutely keep it. Of course mine has been in my closet since the day that I got married. It just brings a huge smile to my face (and even a tear or two) everytime that I look at it and remember the day!:yes: :yes:
  12. Of course not! if it means that much to you, you should keep it.
    I would take it to the cleaners and have it vacuum packed in a nice box and put it away.
  13. i kept mine, much to my husband's dismay. i may decide someday to sell it, but not today.

    if you want to keep it, by all means do so. sentimentality rocks! besides, who knows....a niece or cousin may want it. i know if i'd fit into my mom's wedding dress i would have definately worn it.