My washed caviar purchases from October!

  1. In October (I think it was) I received a huge Cabas instead of the baby for which I had waitlisted, so I went to exchange it.

    I ended up with the white washed caviar jumbo flap with bijou chain and mademoiselle lock, AND the black washed caviar wallet,which I absolutely ADORE!!:yahoo:

    My pics are not that great, I took them in a great hurry on a rainy day and never posted them. But I want to share them anyway,because this bag and wallet give me so much pleasure every day!!

    The inside of the distressed caviar wallet has some scratches that come and go with use and they don't bother me at all because it's supposed to be a "distressed' bag.

    Somehow the outside has never scratched,despite being in a full work bag all day.

    Anyway here goes!!

    the bag: (Can other white distressed caviar owners tell me if they have double or single flaps? Mine is single).


    Yummy leather and chain


    wallet (full and after some use)


    back of wallet


    inside of wallet


    I need some better piccies of the bag...
  2. And apart from the bag and wallet I also ended up with the black leather ballet flats with patent toes,of which larkie has posted many in effect I exchanged that monstrous cabas twice over...LOL!!:lol:
  3. I love them both! The wallet is beautiful!
  4. Very pretty bag
  5. Ooooh I love your washed caviar hybrid! I really want one but I already own a medium/large classic flap and one white bag is enough for me! Gorgeous- thanks for sharing your pics!

    PS. I own the same wallet but in lambskin.. don't the card marks on the coin pocket just drive you nuts? LOL maybe it's worse in lambskin but it irks me to see those lines!
  6. LOL you know I'd never evn noticed those marks until I saw the pics! Something about the light made em pop.

    My old wallet was exceptionally battered and when I bought this one I told myself that it was a wallet for daily use, so I try not to be too precious about it. It must be difficult (though stunning!!) with lambskin though.

    Fortunately the white bag shows no marks whatsoever,tee hee.
  7. Love both of them! nice choices
  8. Congrats! Love both the bag and wallet. The Jumbo comes with a single flap! I have that in black. The medium sized comes with the double flap.
  9. Thanks for the info!!! I loved the black, but already have a black classic caviar jumbo and a black 226 reissue...
  10. they are both lovely!
  11. :love: gorgeous!
  12. They're both gorgeous! Congrats
  13. Your pictures don't show up for me. There is only white space under the headings. Anyone else having problems?
  14. Gorgeous purchases!! :love: :tup: I have that off white flap in the medium size, and adore it! :love: The Jumbo is a fab choice and the wallet looks like a great everyday piece too! :heart: Congrats and enjoy! :yahoo:
  15. Very nice ... both your purchases! I love the caviar leather ... it smells sooo good! BTW ... I love your close up photo of the white caviar!