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  1. Grrr.... I don't like that website. I bought something from them one time with a special promotion code they had. This was advertised on their website! After a couple of days they refunded my money because they said the code was not be used with sale items! The ad did not say that!!! I ended up losing $50 coz of currency exchange! Totally unreliable! It was their fault and I lost out! They said they would pay me back for it, but I saw nothing!!! Grrr...!
  2. That's horrible!!! I would stay on their back to make certain they reimbursed me!! Another example of poor customer service....when will they learn??? I had an experience like that with Pink Mascara once. To this date, I've not shopped with them again!!
  3. Definitely poor customer service! I wasted money on two international calls calling them too! Grrr....! The items I wanted to buy wasn't even that popular! It remained on the site for months until eventually they had to discount it down to the same price I paid for! I wasn't going to go back there again, no matter what the price is! Hmmp!