My wapity!!

  1. My very special lover boy brought this home for me as a surprise!! He got it to match my MC speedy which he knows I love:love: soo much!! It was the last one at Neimans in SF and he told me he made sure to check that it was made in France :roflmfao: ! I've taught him well ;)

  2. so cute :love:!

    mine is made in France too:rochard:!
  3. It's soooo pretty and clean! Keep it that way, I love it!
  4. Very cute! I love the color lines on the front!
  5. Very cute...congrats.

    I'm thinking about a small MC purchase just to see if I like it.
  6. Congrats,it's sooo cute!!!:love: :love: You have taught him very well:graucho:
  7. Super cute! Congrats.
  8. Cute! And he's a keeper!!! :yes:
  9. super cute congrats!
  10. sooo pretty !!! congrats..
  11. Very Nice! The Wapity is winning me over ;)
  12. What a cute wapity!
  13. Gorgeous!! What a sweet guy you have! Congrats (on the wapity and the guy, hehe) :flowers:
  14. :love: shes a beaut
  15. SO CUTE!!!:love: How nice of him to get it for you!:yes: