My wallet is sticky! =(

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  1. Yesterday, I took out my wallet after not using it for about 4 years...
    Where the bills would go was sort of stuck together and it was all sticky =/
    What can I use to clean it ??

  2. hmm is the lining peeling ? what kind of wallet is it?
  3. I am really unsure of the name of the wallet =/
    It looks just like the monogram checkbook, but it has a spot for credit cards and such.
    I opened the section where the bills go, and it was practically stuck together.
    Maybe I stored it incorrectly? It was in the box and dustcover but, I wish I could just clean it somehow!
    I don't want to just slap on goo gone or something and ruin the wallet :sad:
  4. If it was moist somehow where it was stored, the lining can peel and get sticky unfortunately, especially if it wasn't used for a long time. Sorry about that!
  5. Thank you for all the info!

    What do you think I could use to clean it?
  6. Maybe you should call 1-866 and see what they recommend. And when you store wallets in the future, maybe you could put some acid-free paper inside the bill-fold so that it doesn't stick (this idea just popped into my head, not sure if it would work, I would suggest trying it with an inexpensive wallet first) and make sure that there is no humidity in the area where you plan to store the wallet. I'm sorry about what happened, and I really hope this helps!
  7. I would start with a non-alcohol baby wipe and see if that works. If there is no cracking or glazing problems, you can have the wallet relined, but it's really expensive to do. I would try some sort of damp cloth or wipe first.
  8. Hello there,

    So sorry this has happened to you.

    It also happened to a dear friend of mine in her purse - she used baby wipes to clean it gently and allowed to dry - tried to keep the parts from touching whilst they were drying and then rubbed baby powder / talc gently into the surface to take away the residue.

    hers was not too bad and not peeling anywhere, I have not tried this myself but her purse was good to use for a few extra years and if it did get a wee bit sticky again over time she re-applied the babypowder.

    Hope that helps and please keep us posted how you get on.

    Regards xx