My Wallet Got Stolen! Argh!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I am so sorry! Such a pain! Hope it gets better soon.
  2. Oh, I feel your pain. 10 years ago when I had just moved to San Francisco, some vagrant came into our office building and stole my wallet and checkbook, 2 weeks before Christmas. I had just left my desk and had gone to the other side of the floor to get a drink. I was gone for no longer than a minute or so. In my wallet was all my credit cards (including one that belonged to my parents), my ID, social security card, etc. My checkbook was full of blank checks. I filed a police report but of course after that I never heard from them again.

    I am so sorry this happened to you -- everyone, please watch your purses and wallets, especially this time of year! Theft is super high right now.
  3. :sad: so sorry to hear that...I know how angry/upset you must be...esp. since you have always gone out of your way to return wallets you have found :sad: hope things are brighter for you in 2007...
  4. OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear that. I've been through it and it does feel like a total violation!

    If anyone carries their Social Security number in their wallet... STOP! Memorize it and leave it at home. That's the worst thing to have stolen...worse than credit cards.
  5. so sorry to hear about what happened....... hope that things get taken cared of soon.
  6. *HUGS* *KISSES* Hope evrything is alright!
  7. HOW HORRIBLE! :cursing: *hugs*
  8. awww hugs
  9. So sorry for this!! Hope they catch the bastard.
  10. UGH Liz, I'm so sorry that happened to you! You're a total sweetheart too and definitely dont deserve that.

    Dont worry though, good karma will come your way soon enough. *HUG*
  11. That totally sucks. I feel your pain! You should put fraud alerts with the credit bureaus, especially if you think your social security card was in there. I once had my credit cards stolen from my wallet. Very sneaky thieves... they left all the cash but stole a row of credit cards and I didn't realize immediately that anything was gone. If my whole wallet was missing, I would have done something right away but since I didn't notice until I looked in my wallet, they had time to make a few charges. Luckily, they successfully charged under $200 worth of stuff but I came to learn that they were trying to buy thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and electronics but the c/c companies found the activities suspicious (thank goodness!). By the way, this happened in the office. I was dumb enough to leave my purse in view and I went to the bathroom and apparently two guys came in the office and distracted the employees while the other stole my cards.
  12. Wow - what a bummer! Tons of hugs for you!!
  13. lizlikeshugs,

    I know exactly how you feel. I went into a restaurant last Friday evening to order takeout and unfortunately walked in as they were being robbed. An absolutely terrifying situation I wouldn't wish on anyone. I had just put my debit card along with all my credit cards into a small wallet which of course they took.

    I know now it wasn't a smart thing to do but when the guy who had the gun on me walked back behind the counter (after making me sit on the floor) I took my driver's license out and slid it under the rug because I was thinking I didn't want these losers, thieves, etc. knowing where I lived. I'm not even sure he saw that I had the wallet in my hand because it was very small. I had thought about putting the whole thing under the rug but didn't want to chance him seeing. The whole thing lasted maybe about 3 minutes but felt like an eternity.

    Like you, I've had to cancel all the cards, contact credit bureaus and I also had my SS card in there. I normally don't carry it but... From what I understand, the SSA will NOT give me a new number unless I become a victim of identity fraud. As far as I'm concerneed, by then it's too late but that's out government for you which is another story I won't go into!

    Anyway... I do wish you luck. Sounds like some good advice has been given by others and as for karma, I do hope it comes back to the ones who took my wallet and the money from the owners of the restaurant. Sad thing is, they probably won't be caught. For the first time ever, I don't even feel safe in my own home; it's very uncomfortable going anywhere. I'm sure over time that will change but it sure sucks right now! That along with the fact that I can't purchase anything online since the cards are cancelled. For any of you who have had yours stolen or lost, I'm sure you're aware of what a pain it is but I know am so very thankful to be here to do it.

    One more thing and this is for everyone; please be careful out there no matter where you go. What a sad world we now live in and I don't see it getting any better. Please take care.
  14. Good Lord ccb! How terrifying!!! I think you were amazingly clear thinking to sneak your driver's license out. I don't know if I would've been thinking that clearly. But it was smart as long as the thief was not looking.

    And I just reiterate to everyone...DO NOT carry your Social Security card with you!!!

    I actually did until I met my husband (a police officer) who made me memorize it and not carry it ever. :smile:
  15. I guess Karma did work.

    So my mom called me on Monday and left a message saying she received my school bill of $2000 and asked if she needs to pay it. I avoided calling her back so I didn't have to tell her about my lost/stolen wallet. So I called back yesterday and this is the conversation

    Mom: Hi Liz, are you doing well?
    Me: No, my wallet got stolen.
    Mom: Your wallet got stolen?
    Me: Yeah.
    Mom:Mine too, yestday.
    Me: *Insane laughter because I can't believe it*
    Mom:Yeah, I went to the bank and pulled out $2000 for your school fees too.
    Me: What?!? So you had $2000 cash in there??
    Mom: Yeah
    Me: So you lost $2000?
    Mom: Yeah.
    Me: Oh, that sucks. You didn't need to pay my school fees since financial aid will cover some of it.
    Mom:Oh. Well I got it back.
    Me: With the $2000 in it?
    Mom: Yeah, the person didn't take a penny. I brought a cake for the secretary who called me and I asked her to find the student who turned it in so I can reward her.
    Me: Are you sure nothing is gone at all? How long was it gone for? Any CCs in there??
    Mom: Nothing's gone and I only had my Nordstrom Visa in there. They returned it within an hour of me losing it. I left my wallet on top of the car and forgot about it when I drove off.

    ccb--I'm so sorry that happened to you! That is so scary. But I'm glad you walked away alright =)